Billiard Gloves

Billiard Gloves are handy when your bridge hand sticks to the Pool Cue.

Not everyone needs to use billiard gloves when shooting pool, professionally or just a quick game while your with your friends. It has been said that those people who usually do wear a glove when shooting pool have clammy hands. The gloves become very helpful in this type of situation quite frequently. If your hands are sweaty or clammy and you are not wearing any gloves, you just might possibly have serious trouble when going for your next shot! In this case, wearing the gloves would help with a more smooth shot with your pool stick, as where if your hands were wet, the pool stick might vibrate too much or possibly get stuck.

Other people who wear gloves while shooting pool may not necessarily use them for that reason, they may just like the extra stability and glide it can provide for their shot.

Aside from these things, there are others that choose to use a type of fiber-glass material cue stick. For that reason itself, they should ALWAYS wear a glove when shooting pool.

Both professional and casual players have recently started to wear gloves more and more often. Now-a-days there are a wide variety of men’s and women’s gloves in different sizes, prints and colors.


Billiard Gloves

Billiard Gloves Found Here.

Does Your Bridge Hand Stick to the Pool Cue?

Does the Hand Chalk or Powder Get all over Your Table?

Does the Billiard Chalk get on Your hands?

If You answered yes to the above questions, you will want to look into a glove.

If you don’t like powder or hand chalk on your table and your guests always want powder, Keep some Extra Gloves on Hand.

I hate nothing more than a nice table with new felt covered with powder. I personally do not wear gloves unless it is extremely hot and sticky in the pool room. I will always choose gloves over powder.

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