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Billiard Instruction Basic Training Installment 3 Part 2.

The next shot We are going to cover is the Follow Shot.

Follow is produced by striking the Cue Ball above Center with the Tip of Your Pool Cue. The end result is the Cue Ball following behind the Object Ball.

The same rule applies as with the Stop Shot, which we covered in the first part of todays lesson. The Balls Must be Lined up Straight into the Pocket for Straight Follow.

Study the Picture Below and then Review the lesson.

Billiards Instruction, Pool Tips, Pool School

Notice the Green Dash line Striking the Cue Ball Above Center.

This is where the Tip of Your Pool Cue should make contact. This will result in the object ball going forward and the Top Spin on the Cue Ball will cause it to Follow the object ball.

Practice shooting balls straight in and Following the Cue Ball into the Pocket. Yes Scratch on Purpose. This will get you Shooting straight and pure.

Practice this the same as the Stop Shot earlier. Close shots and far shots. You will find the far shots much more difficult to get the straight follow.

The Balls must make contact straight and Full. Good Follow Through with Your stroke is a Must.

Billiards Instruction Below.


  • Contact Cue Ball with a Straight Level Stroke about a Cue Tip width above Center.
  • Shoot balls in a straight line into the pocket. Follow Through.
  • Keep your Head Down and Your Eyes on the shot until Balls go in the Pocket.
  • Practice close shots first and then learn how to hit the far ones.The follow shot is used often. Learning this fundamental shot is extremely important in advancing Your Game.

    Now Let’s Learn The Draw Shot!

    Billiards Instruction Below.

    The Draw shot is exactly the same as the Follow shot. (only different. lol)

    When shooting with Draw Your Cue Tip needs to strike the Cue Ball Below Center.

    You are now applying Back Spin instead of Forward Spin.

    You must shoot straight through the ball with good follow through.

    Look at the Picture Below, Scroll down the page and We will conclude todays lesson.

    Billiards Instruction, Pool School, Pool Tips

    Billiards Instruction Below.

    Looking at the dotted line in the picture will give You a good idea of Low English.

    What’s that You Say? English? Yes! English. Follow is High English and Draw is Low English.

    Practice Drawing the Ball Straight Back as you Practiced with earlier drills in this 7 part course.

    You will need to lift up and get out of the way when Your Cue Ball starts Backing up.

    There is plenty of time on most shots. You Must Follow Through with a Crisp Stroke in order to Draw far shots. Stay Down and Finish Your Shot!

    Close shots draw much easier and you have to get out of the way sooner.

    That’s it for this Weeks Lesson. Put some time in at the table. Practice these Basic Shots until You Own them.

    Practice until You can Execute these shots.

    For your convenience, I put the same video from part 1 of todays lesson below. This is the Stop, Follow, Draw Billiards Video.