Billiards Tables

Billiards Tables come in many different brands and sizes.

Billiards Tables. New or used, Large or small. Which do you prefer?

Are you looking for a nice pool table?

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The picture is from our 7 part basic billiards fundamental training. The drill is to stroke through the openning of the bottle without touching the sides. This will help you to develop a good stroke.

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When Shopping for Billiards Tables, There are Many Things to Consider.

The first and possibly the most important thing to think about is how much space you have.

Playing pool comfortably on a 9 foot table requires a large room. Most people do not realize how much space it actually takes to lay comfortably on the large 9 foot tables.

Many people have a small area in there basement or garage. This is usually good for a 7 foot bar table. Even the 7 foot tables require a large room.

I have seen a few tables over the years that are 3 foot by 6 foot. If your space only allows for a 6 foot pool table, I would say it’s better than no pool tables but the 6 foot table is pretty cramped up for playing area.


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