Billiards Tips

Billiards Tips For Cue Sticks.

Are you looking for new billiards tips to place on the end of your cue?

Are you looking for Tips about playing pool?

Either way we can get you hooked up here.

This page is mainly for the tips that go on the end of your Pool Cue. You will find a link close to the bottom of the page for free tips and training on the fundamentals of pool and billiards.

Below this text you will find a picture with with push on or slip on cue tips. I do not recommend these kind of tips under any circumstances. These push on tips and the threaded screw on tips are completely worthless in my opinion.


Billiards Tips Push On

Glue on Billiards Tips are the only ones that I recommend.

The tips that glue on the end of your ferrule (The white plastic or ivory on the end of your pool cue) Yes glue on tips will provide a much better hit, last longer and help you with cue ball control.

The glue on pool Cue Tips will also last much longer and look much better than the push on or screw on variety.

Replacing the tip on your cue can be a tedious job. I know it is for me. We have several professional cue repair guys in our home town and I always take my cues to one of them.

The next thing to decide is do you you ant a hard tip or a soft tip?

I personally prefer a hard tip because they ware longer and I control my shots pretty well with the hard tip. There are many players however that prefer the soft tip over the hard tip.

I would recommend playing some with each until you find the one that works the best for you.

You will also want to be careful about how much you rough up or shape your tip. The more you shape it or rough it up, the more often you will need to have it replaced.

Replacing the cue tip can be a pain in the neck. You have to get the cue to the repair person and then usually pick it up a day or 2 later. This requires timing, if you only shoot with one pool cue.

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