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Can you see how my feet are spread out comfortably?

I am gripping the cue lightly and My Chin is right over the Pool Cue.

It works best to position your feet as you line up on the cue ball. Some players refer to this as addressing the ball.

Side Note:

A few years back my son played in the Junior BCA Nationals in Ann Arbor Michigan. During practice time one evening he played a challenge match with Jeanette Lee. (Professional Pool Contender) When he finished the game with Jeanette, (she won) She offered him some advice. She said

“You play pretty good. You’re smart and you take your time and find your pattern and you have a nice stroke. The one thing you need to work on is Stepping in to Your shot. You slide from shot to shot sideways and sometimes you are not getting your body lined up right.” My son replied, “That’s exactly what my dad keeps telling me.

I personally line my right heel up with the shot. This puts me right in line with the Cue and Object ball and positions my chin directly above the cue shaft.

I put a little more weight on my right heel. (I am right handed so this would be the foot farthest from the table.) The extra weight on the back tends to help keep my head down during my stroke.

I believe that lining your body up right on the shot will account for 90% of your accuracy.

If you line up correctly and make it a habit you will pocket most balls.

Some players use their front foot (closest to the table) to line up. If you are right handed this would be your left foot. Choose whichever method FEELS best for you.

You must be balanced and planted so that the only movement in your body is your stroke arm when shooting balls. Make sure you remain still and do Not Step Forward on Your Follow Through.

Online Billiards Tips Below!

  • Step into the shot. Line up on the shot while adjusting stance. (be sure you are balanced and in line with balls)
  • Make sure your chin is directly over the Pool Cue shaft. (Many great players almost have there chin touching the Cue.)
  • Balance yourself so that all that moves is Your Stroking Arm. (Keep Your Head Down and Your Body Still.)

    The video below touches on the stance and how to line up. Many of the videos which are now being added to this course touch on this.

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