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How is Your Pool Game?


It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write about the great game of pool (billiards).

My business has been busy and we have spent some time out of town this summer. (Family time must be a priority as well.)

Our APA Masters Pool team played in the Las Vegas National pool tournament last month. You will find details in an article below.

Sorry about the delay in getting this issue of “Billiards Planet” out. Now that Baron (Our 6 year old boy) is in kindergarten full time, I should have time to write a little more.

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Billiards Planet #0010 September-17-2008

Table of Contents:

  • A.P.A. Masters Pool Tournament Las Vegas 2008
  • Pueblo Colorado Pool League Action.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

A.P.A. Masters Pool Tournament Las Vegas 2008

Our APA (American Pool Players Association) Masters team qualified for and played in the National billiards tournament in Las Vegas early August 2008.

Our team caught a bye in the first round and then we won our first match 2 to zero. Our next match was a cliff hanger and we ended up losing the match 2 to one. The point total was 15 to 12.

The next match was brutal for us. The team we played hardly missed a shot and quickly had us down 14 to 3. This ended the tourney for us and left us in 65th place. 🙁

I ended the tourney with 2 match wins and one loss.

The tournament was played on Valley Bar tables and fast cloth. There were many pool tables and any billiards supplies that you could imagine there.

If you can ever get to Vegas for a major tourney, I would recommend it.

F.r.e.e Billiard Drills from This Billiards Newsletter, Here.

Pueblo Colorado Pool League Action.

Pool action is hot in Pueblo Colorado this month. Our regular handicapped 5 man 8 ball team just won the city last night. This was a fun match.

We lost the first round and then won 3 in a row. I didn’t even have to get in the match last night. Our skill level 5 player lost and the both of our 3’s won and our other 5 ended the match with a hill hill victory against the other teams 6 skill level shooter.

Our Texas Express rules 9 ball league is coming to an end this week as well. Our team finished the league session way ahead of all the other teams. We were however defeated last Thursday evening.

This put us in the one loss side of the tournament bracket. We won our match Monday night and now are in the final 4 teams. We play again tomorrow night and the winner there will play Sunday morning for second place and then have a chance to play the team on the hill for the championship.

Winning the championship for us will require winning tomorrow night and 3 times Sunday. This is our plan.


Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

Jim White Wrote

A note to say thanks for the seven part basics series. I’ve always loved pool but until now couldn’t figure out why my game was so inconsistent. I now recognize some of my shortcomings. I’m working on my stroke primarily and see a world of difference already. Also, your tips on the tangent line were very helpful. I feel that anyone who doesn’t benefit from this course is not trying hard enough because it is easily understandable and packed with very good points and tips. I have benefited greatly and would greatly appreciate any other info you would care to share. Looking forward to the videos please keep me posted. Thanks again Jim Austin Texas

Alan Wrote

Thanks Ted!

I am excited to learn properly. I have a table in my house so I am working daily on my fundamentals. Already I have seen a big improvement. I can finally compete with my friends who have been playing all of their lives. Can’t wait to finish all of the lessons!!


Michael Wrote

Hey Ted, It’s been real interresting since I sarted put ur advice to work my game has improved alot THANKS. But, I’m having a serious Problem. See I’ve been playin in some tournaments lately but, when I get to the ball before the eight ball I CHOKE!!!! It’s mainly easy shots at that , the guy that owns the place told me that I have a strong game but thats going to hurt me when I start playin in some Texas tournaments. What can I do to help this move on ? Thanks Michael

I replied

Hello Michael,

Nice to hear your game is improving.

Sounds like you have contenderosis. (choking on or missing the money or out ball)

We all do this some times. Even the best pros, watch ESPN when billiards is on and you will quickly find examples. The object is to do it less often that the other guys.

For me, getting my mind on the goal of clearing the table and only thinking about the ball in the pocket and shape works pretty well.

You have to keep your mind trained on your objective. Every shot can be missed. Bare down and don’t let up. Concentrate. Focus on clearing the table.

Hope this helps,



Can I put the message in the Billiards Planet News?

Michael Replied


Tanks for the reply. I don’t care if u post it on the web site. If u can, put my e-mail address with it and put to e-mail me with suggestions.Well got to go to work now.


(You could email me with advice and I will get it to Michael.)

An un named sender writes

My inlaws want to sell a 12′ x 6′ Brunswick Anniversary table, which they picked up from a pool hall in the late 60’s. (vintage + – 50’s ??) It is in good shape, and rolls dead true. I think slate is 2″. I know trend is for smaller tables. Can you give me a ballpark value? Thanks for your help

I replied

Hello there,

Sometimes with pool tables you have to take what you can get. To the right person, the table described below is probably worth thousands of dollars if it’s in good shape.

Search eBay for already sold tables and see if there are any like it and how much it went for. Call around to some of your local pool supply dealers and find out what they think it’s worth.

I hope this helps out.


Ricky Wrote

I have not worked through all of the lessons. But what I have were great. Due to work I have not had as much practice time as I would like. Also thanks for the info on the 8 Ball Secerts any thing on 9 Ball or better yet Straight Pool (I’m promoting straight pool leagues here in the Mid-West)

Thanks again

Ricky Bryant

I replied

Hello Ricky,

Sorry about delay in a specific reply to this message. I have been buried with work. I am writing this letter from the seat of a tractor where I am driving for the cabbage harvest. Luckily we drive real slow and the tractor has GPS.

Nice to hear from you. Regular practice sessions shooting by yourself will improve your game the fastest. Learn the fundamentals from the 7 part training and there will be some more advanced information available soon.

I am flying out to Vegas for the APA Nationals Sunday. We are shooting in the Masters Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will be in touch with more information the following week. Keep up the practice and play your game the best you can at all times. I am putting some cool 9 ball material together. I also enjoy straight pool and will work on some content in that area as well.

Where are you located?


Alan Writes:


I was making good progress. Taking it one lesson at a time. But I have hit a snag and I dont know if I should move on, or if I should work on my problem area before I take on another lesson. The long distance stop shot is tuff and discouraging for me on my 9 ft table. Is this something I can come back to? I dont want skip around if you dont recommend it. So as of now I have not completed your instructions.

I have improved a lot from where I started. But I have so much to learn still, and I look forward to finishing the lessons you sent me.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.


I replied:

Hello Alan,

You can work on that one and move on.

steady practice will prevail. Hit the ball with a quick and crispy stroke on the long distance shots. Keep your head down and follow through.

The long stop and draw shot is tough. Practice hard, you will get it.

Hope this helps


F.R.E.E. Billiards Fundamental Training Here.

Tip Of the Month!

I am cutting this section short again due to the extreme length of the reader feed back. There are many tips in the questions and answers above. If you have a specific question or challenge, please send it in. You can reply to this email.

The tip for this month is to direct your focus on what you want to happen and away from what you don’t want to happen.

If you let yourself focus on not scratching, there is a good chance that you’ll scratch. Focus on making your shot with desired cue ball position instead.

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Ted Mauro


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