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Hello <>,

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write about the great game of pool (billiards). About 7 months to be exact. Ouch!

Life is so fast paced, it doesn’t seem that long.

B.C.A. (Billiards Congress of America) Pool league is winding up here in Southern Colorado. The LasVegas Tournament is only a few days away now.

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Billiards Planet #0011 April 28, 2009

Table of Contents:

  • B.C.A Nationals Las Vegas, May 2009
  • Pueblo Colorado Pool League Action.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

B.C.A Nationals Las Vegas, May 2009

We will be heading for LasVegas Next week for the B.C.A National 8 Ball tournament.

This tournament has been held in Vegas every year for quite some time now.

I played in the tourney once in Denver over 20 years back. This was when the tournament was held in various location across the country.

Players who are sanctioned with the B.C.A and have played the required number of games can participate in the tournament.

You can choose from Scotch Doubles, Singles and team play or you can spend about 12 days in Vegas and play in all of the events. There is also professional play being held in the same location at the Riviera Hotel. The pro’s usually play 9 Ball.

I have played all of the events a few times in the past. Usually I only play in the singles and the teams. This year I am only playing teams. My family had a vacation planned in Mexico for next week and the team tourney starts May 13th. It looks like the Swine Flue will prevent the Mexico trip but Vegas is still on for the team play.

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Pueblo Colorado Pool League Action.

Tonight the action will be hot here in Pueblo. This is the play offs for the B.C.A league and there are 6 teams remaining out of the 50 plus teams in our league.

My team lost a tight match Thursday night and now we are on the one loss side of the bracket. We play a tough team tonight and the plan is to advance to the final 4 for Thursday semi final match. We need a win tonight and then Thursday night so we can play in the Final 3 on Sunday.

Sunday will put an end to the Pueblo league and players will begin to migrate towards Nevada.


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Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

Roger Writes:

Just wanted to let you know that you are right about the fundamentals. The more you can repeat the same motion the less you have to think about while you are playing. That’s why I read all I can about pool. There is a wealth of information out here. I have enjoy yours so far.

Roger Lites, Current APA 9 ball black tier champion 2008

Julie writes:

Hi Ted, Thanks for the seven free lessons, as a complete beginner to pool i found the lessons very helpful, especially the basic fundamentals of the game, then i started playing and decided i had to buy a table of my own so i could practice, practice, practice!!! i try to play every day.

I have printed off your lessons and use them for drills for my practice sessions for at least an hour every day. I find i can play the men now and only have one ball on the table at the end of the game, still need practice to beat them though!!! cheers and keep up the good work, will keep in touch. julie weir Perth western australia

Mike Writes:

Ted, I Signed up for the newsletter, do not have much time to practice although in a humble tone, I consider myself a quick learner. At the local bar in my town there are some guys that are regulars that play all the time and in college I had to take a billiards class as an elective, so when I played with them I would just go back to basics from class and did okay. Anyway, I am on the 4th email from your seven part series and let me say that approaching the game with some of the basics you wrote have truly helped. Yesterday I beat a couple of guys whom i considered ‘good’ and use to always consider me ‘practice mode’ and its funny because its not like they see me practice so they think am just getting lucky. Its funny how winning gains you respect, although I have not truly gotten it yet and it seems to bother them that yesterday I was consistent with my shots and although I have not mastered english or cue ball placement, just the soft approach and a mental picture of where to place the cue ball to setup my next shot seems to work although I know against really good players that won’t hold up…But Ted it just felt good to win and to be consistent with my shots and long shots also. My question is…I do not see or have overlooked on your sight, what is the best way to break a break? Thanks, Your New Found Student, Mike

Tammy Asks:

Hi. I have a question. For my birthday 4 months ago, I bought an awesome beautiful billiard table. It was marked off 50%. It’s the only billiard store within 1 hour where I live in Arkansas. He told me it’s a regulation table, so I did not question it. Then I went back to the billiard bar I played at for a year, I noticed there is a big difference. I found out mine is 8′ and theirs is 7 1/2. Amazing how much difference it makes and changes my shots. Just wondering what size would you recommend if I had asked you then? Thanks for your time and for all your teaching tips. Have a great day! Tammy

I replied:

Hello Tammy,

A billiard table is regulation as long as it is twice as long as it is wide.

(4.5X9) (4X8) (3.5X7) etc…

I would recommend playing on the largest regulation table possible.

I learned the game on a 4 x 8 like you have. I refined my game putting in many hours on a Brunswick Gold Crown 4.5 X 9 foot table.

The last several years I have mostly played on the 3.5 X 7 Foot bar tables. Most league play and local tournaments are on the 7 foot tables.

I find it easier to go from a big table to a little table. Your 8 foot table should serve you well.

Can I use your note for the “Billiards Planet” newsletter?

Send a testimonial and pic and I’ll put it on the website.



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Tip Of the Month!

The tip for this issue of Billiards Planet is about 8 Ball.

Never Make all of your balls when playing 8 Ball until you know you can legally pocket the 8 and win the game.

If you watch much eight ball, you will see many players run 6 or 7 balls and fail to win the game. I refer to this as 8 ball suicide. More times than not, if you clear all of your balls and leave only one ball and the 8, your opponent will either clear the table or leave you hidden behind one of their balls.

Play safe when necessary, break out your trouble balls in advance and proceed with the run when you are fairly sure that you can complete the rack.

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Ted Mauro


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