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I hope you enjoy this issue of “Billiards Planet”.

It has been a fast paced summer which has passed us by. I found Myself playing pool 3 to 4 nights per week between the APA and BCA leagues.

All this pool pool playing, combined with running a tractor, (helping my cousin with his farm) and running our corporation, I have not had as much time as I would like to publish this news letter or work on the pool-billiards-game site.

Now my schedule is much more open and I can spend some time with some good old fashioned billiards content.

Be on the look out for some videos on playing pool in the near future. I will be out of town on non pool related business for the next two weeks. When I return the videos will start turning up in your news letter.

To your Pool – Billiards Success,

Ted Mauro



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Billiards Planet #002 Oct-06-2007

Table of Contents:

  • What is your favorite game?: (Is it 8 ball, 9 ball etc…?)
  • BCA, APA, ACS, PPA (So many leagues)
  • Play Smart! What does this mean? Find out in this issue.
  • Tip of the Month

What is your favorite pool - billirds game?

We know that 8 ball and 9 ball are very popular in most areas of the USA. Sure you will find some people playing straight pool and one pocket on occasion, but 8 ball and 9 ball are definitely the most popular.

I subscribed to DVR with dish network a while back and set up to record any program with billiards in the title or description. You would be amazed at how watching pool on the tube can increase your level of play.

The most popular game on sports television is 9 ball hands down. Once in a great while you will find some 8 ball or one of the other many games. I am sure anyone who watches pool on ESPN or Fox Sports would agree that it’s almost always 9 ball.

This is because 9 ball is good for television. There is a nice loud break shot and the game can end at any time. Even when all 9 balls are pocketed it is a quick game.

There were a couple of 3 cushion billiards matches on a couple months back. I would encourage anyone to check this out if you can. There is this guy (The Grand Master) from Turkey and he does some amazing things with the cue ball.

We would love to hear about your favorite game or games and what is most popular in your corner of the world. Please reply to this email and let us know.

BCA, APA, ACS, PPA ???A (So many leagues)

Just ow many different pool leagues are there?

I did a search for billiards leagues on google and came up with 252,000 web pages about the subject.

On the first page in the # 1 position was APA. (American Poolplayers Association)

They claim to be and I’m pretty sure they are the largest league in the world.

APA is a handicapped league which is the second largest league in my home town. Players range in skill level with a handicap of 2 being at the low end for 8 and 9 ball and seven being the high end in 8 ball and 9 is the high end for 9 ball.

I am a 7 in 8 ball and a 9 in 9 ball and I can testify that you have to play good in any match to win. When I play a skill level of 2 player, I have to win 7 games of 8 ball before they win 2 games. (Don’t scratch on the 8. It is a deadly mistake.)

#2 on the page is the BCA. (Billiards Congress of America)

This is the largest league in my home town and so far has been my personal favorite. The league did however change ownership a couple years back and there were some rule changes this year that Me and My team are not excited about.

BCA in our town and at the National 8 Ball Tournament in Vegas is not handicapped. Players play heads up with no spot. In our town, you better be able to put a few racks together if you want a chance to win in the BCA.

We have several other leagues here in Pueblo CO and some of them are simply in house leagues all played in the same bar or pool hall.

You can type billiards leagues into a google search and read about leagues all day.

What leagues are popular in your home town?

What is Your skill level? (If your league has equalizer system)

Reply to this email and let us know what they play in your area.

Play Smart! What does this mean?

Sometimes while watching a pool match you will hear a player or spectator on the sidelines say “Play Smart”.

In our town, everyone (most pool players) knows that this means to look for the safe shot. It means be sure. Don’t take a risky shot and let the cue ball fly wild.

My favorite is the 2 way shot. This is where you can play to pocket a ball and leave your opponent bad if you miss. This opportunity comes up often when playing 9 ball.

Playing smart can also mean looking over the table and developing a pattern for your run out.

Are there some trouble balls?

Are there clusters of balls which need to be broken out?

Breaking out a problem ball and stitching the cue ball behind it is a great example of playing smart. Follow this text link and subscribe to the Free 7 part Billiards Fundamentals Course.

Safety Allowed!

This is a statement you will hear a player shout out when he is stiched by his opponent and doesn’t think he can make a legal hit on the ball. (It’s a common statement in Colorado any way)

What is a legal hit?

In most leagues or tournaments, a legal hit means you have to hit your designated object ball with the cue ball and then drive a ball to the rail. (A ball must hit a rail after contact) You can follow this link for a complete explanation of Billiards Rules

Tip Of the Month!

Use the Law of Attraction in Your favor.

Have you heard of the movie “The Secret”?

This was featured on Oprah several months back and it is all about that universal law of attraction.

This law dictates that whatever we think about and focus on will happen.

When playing pool you must train your mind to think about what you want to happen instead of the other way around. If you take your time and plan out your entire shot you can experience success most of the time.

If you are not able to find a productive shot and visualize it being successful, then find a safety that you can focus on.

The Tip of the month is to focus on and think about the results that you want. Do this when playing pool and in all other areas of life.

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Ted Mauro


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