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One more month has gone by in a flash.

I’m still Playing league pool 3 nights per week and time is flying by.

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Billiards Planet #005 Jan.-17-2008

Table of Contents:

  • Are You A Pool Player?
  • Check out the Billiard Supplies Blog?
  • Billiard Hub for most any Billiards Product.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

Are You A Pool Player?

The question for the month is, are you a pool player?

If so, what type of player are you?

There are several types of players. I will break it down into categories here.

1. Home Player: Have table at home and play there almost all the time. May have a friend or friends who come over and play now and then or on a regular basis. May play a game now and then when in a bar or rec room.

2. Bar Player: Plays mainly in taverns. Usually favorite hang out. Most times will simply play for table rights or a drink or small wager now and then.

3. League Player: Plays in one or more local pool leagues. Many league players just want a night out with some friends. Playing for the social activity. Some league players are very serious and play to win the league and move on to compete in the nationals.

4. Tournament player: Play in local weekly tournaments and travel to some larger tournaments. Sometimes play on a league to stay in stroke or qualify to play in National Tournament. Usually very competitive with solid game.

5. Money Player: Prefers to play for cash. Usually play sets (race to pre determined amount of games won). Will sometimes play in league and usually tries to wager with opponents. Sometimes travels around to bars and pool rooms in search of action.

6. Pro Player: Pro players are not allowed in local leagues and many tournaments do not allow pro players either. There is a pro tour which keeps the pro player busy. Just check out the billiards matches on ESPN.

What type of player are you?

Reply to this email with your answer and level of success.

Check out the Billiard Supplies Blog.

I have started a blog about billiards. This blog is updated daily and covers all aspects of pool and billiards.

I would like to invite you to check it out and post your questions and comments. The blog is broken down in categories. Share your cool stories with a comment on the article that fits best.

Comments on the blog and some social book marking would be greatly appreciated.

Visit the new Billiard Supplies Blog Here.


Billiards Ezine presents Billiards Hub.

Billiards Planet is proud to present you with the Billiards Hub.

This is a page which I made to be a portal to about any Pool – Billiards product that you may be looking for.

The page has descriptions and links to individual pages with targeted live auctions on pool and billiards products.

These products are changing constantly and you can find some Great deals by keeping an eye on them.

The link is below.
Follow this link to the Billiards Hub

Follow this text link and subscribe to the Free 7 part Billiards Fundamentals Course.


Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

Herve from PA wrote

Ted: Thanks so much for the 7-part course. Was most helpful explaining the fundamentals as well as giving some practical exercises. I’m completely new to billiards having just moved to an adult community with two tables in our clubhouse. Yes, I know…practice, practice, practice. I plan to do just that and refer back periodically to the course material to assure I remember the fundamentals. Thanks and I’m looking forward to developing some skills to be a competitive member of our pool league. Herve

Please send in your questions, comments and stories. I would love to publish them in next months news.

Brush up on your Official Billiards Rules with this link.

Tip Of the Month!

The tip for this month is about mind set and what you should be thinking about as you execute your shots.

First off, never think about what you do not want to happen. (scratch, miss, leave opponent an out)

Line up your shot planning shape for the next ball and an angle to get shape on the ball after that. (think 3 shots ahead)

When you get down on the shot, figure out how you need to hit the cue, (high, low, right, left English) stay down on the shot and focus on making the ball.

Your cue ball should roll to the desired location. You must keep your eyes on pocketing the ball and have faith in the path which the cue ball will take.

Think only about making that shot, stay down on the ball and follow through with your stroke.

Make this routine in your shooting sequence and you will begin to run out often.

Editors Note

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To Your Run Out Success!

Ted Mauro


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