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One more month has gone by in a flash.

I’m still Playing league pool 3 nights per week and time is moving faster by the minute.

Thanks to all of the readers who have been sending in their feed back. This is a pretty large section in this issue. Please continue to send in your questions, comments and suggestions regarding pool and billiards.

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Billiards Planet #006 Jan.-5-2008

Table of Contents:

  • How is Your Mental Game?
  • Check out the Billiard Supplies Blog?
  • Billiard Hub for most any Billiards Product.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

How is Your Mental Game?

The question for the month is, How is Your Mental Game?

Once we learn the fundamentals and practice them enough so we can get predictable reactions from the cue ball, the majority of the game becomes a mental battle.

Most of the time this mental battle lies in our own head. On occasion it can be multiplied by a crafty opponent using sharking methods. (Sharking is one player distracting or talking the other player out of a shot.)

I big help in the concentration game is to have an extremely solid fundamental game.

Your shot routine is of vital importance when it comes to creating a consistent game.

You can get a free course on the fundamentals from my website. I will place a link below this text.
Free Fundamental Training
If you have the fundamentals down and you need some pointers on this advanced play and the mental side of things, you will want to check out the book that I just finished reading.

The book is written by a touring pro player by the name of Max Eberle. This book is an easy read and it really gets into the shot routine necessary for competitive play.

The book is called “Zen Pool” and it is worth the read.

I have placed a link below so you can check out the book by Max.
Read about Zen Pool Here.

Check out the Billiard Supplies Blog.

The Billiards Blog is now a month old. This blog is updated almost daily and covers all aspects of pool and billiards.

I would like to invite you to check it out and post your questions and comments. The blog is broken down in categories. Share your cool stories with a comment on the article that fits best.

Comments on the blog and some social book marking would be greatly appreciated.

Visit the new Billiard Supplies Blog Here.


Billiards Ezine presents Billiards Hub.

Billiards Planet is proud to present you with the Billiards Hub.

This is a page which I made to be a portal to about any Pool – Billiards product that you may be looking for.

The page has descriptions and links to individual pages with targeted live auctions on pool and billiards products.

These products are changing constantly and you can find some Great deals by keeping an eye on them.

The link is below.
Follow this link to the Billiards Hub


Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

Below is a series of emails exchanged between me and Gilbert gosiaco.

Gilbert Wrote:

hello ted, the course was very helpful. i just want to ask if you have a course for position play…thanks! Gilbert

Ted replied:

Hello Gilbert, Good to hear from you. I am working on a more advanced course with position play. I have also been shooting some video to go with it. It takes some time to put these things together. Be patient and I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks, Ted

Gilbert wrote:

hello ted, can you give me some advice on how i should practice? what drills do you use? thanks! Gilbert

Ted wrote:

Hello Gilbert, There were a few drills in the fundamentals course which you took. I am sad to say my practice time is pretty limited these days. I am working on a series of drills for the website now. Freezing a ball to the middle diamond on each of the 6 short rails and then take ball in hand to start and practice running the balls in rotation. This is a great drill and you will learn to have massive control of your cue ball with this one. A more basic drill would be to practice long straight in shots. Practice stopping the ball, and then practice different distances of follow and draw. I hope this helps. Ted

Gilbert Wrote:

hello ted, thanks! i will try those drills. will update you next time. Gilbert

End of communication with Gilbert.

Jason Volk sent in the same question. I provided him with the same information above in the question from Gilbert.

Monte Anderson replied to last months email. I pasted our chain of communication below.


I don’t mind if you put it in the Feb. issue. I imagine there are many others like me that lose their desire to play or to improve. One thing I have noticed is that it is hard to find practice drills.

Monty — ted@pool-billiards-game.com wrote:

> Hello Monty, > > Thanks for the reply. Always good to hear from the > people reading my news > letter. > > Sorry to hear about lack of confidence. Have you > thought about what made you > want to play the game when you first started? > > I have fallen into slumps and even dreaded going to > league in the past. > > I broke this attitude by getting back in to enjoying > the game. Playing the > best I can and not sweating a loss here and there. > > Practicing drills is the best way I have found for > building confidence. > Bringing the practice to your match will get you > enjoying the game. > > I played league last night. I finished the night 4 > wins and 1 loss with 1 > break and run. The game I lost was due to hitting a > safety to hard. I hate > losing and even losing the 1 game was a bummer. All > in all it was a good > night and a great time with my buddies. > > I hope you can recall the reasons you learned the > game in the first place > and get back to the essence of why you play. > > I could put our conversation in the Feb issue of > Billiards Planet if you > like or leave it out if you would rather it that > way. > > Please let me know. > > To your run out success, > > Ted > > > > Monty Anderson writes: > > > Ted, > > > > Rating myself as a pool player is hard to do. I > have > > been in a league, played for money numerous times, > and > > am regarded as a good player. > > I do not practice enough-real practice-I typically > > just sink balls for an hour. I need to do the > drills > > religiously to improve. Lately I have lost the > urge to > > compete. I feel like I cannot get any better even > if I > > try. Along with that has been a lack of > confidence. > > After that long diatribe I rate myself as a 4.5 > but > > headed in the wrong direction. > > > > Monty Anderson > > — Ted Mauro > > <billiards_planet@pool-billiards-game.com>wrote: > > > >> Pool and Billiards Planet!</billiards_planet@pool-billiards-game.com>

Thank you Gilbert, Jason and Monte for the great questions.

Please send in your questions, comments and stories. I would love to publish them in next months news.

Brush up on your Official Billiards Rules with this link.

Tip Of the Month!

The tip of the month for February 2008 is make your shot process routine. Get in the habit of walking into your shot. Get your body lined up the right way. Be straight in when you bend over to shoot. Keep your entire body still. Nothing moves but your stroke arm.

Visualize your shot and outcome of the cue ball before you ever get on the shot. Take your time and line up so you know you will make the shot. Focus on your aiming or contact point and nothing else. The shape will be there when you get used to your routine.

The link in the first part of this email titled Zen Pool will take you to some detailed information about how to get lined up and play like a pro.

Editors Note

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We would love to use our subscribers questions, stories and comments as a major part of this publication. Jump right in and put in your 2cents worth.

To Your Run Out Success!

Ted Mauro


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