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One more month has gone by in a flash.

Las Vegas BCA National Tournament is coming up in early May. Pool players around Pueblo Colorado are practicing up.

Readers Feed Back.

Thanks to all of the readers who have been sending in their feed back. This is a pretty large section in this issue. Please continue to send in your questions, comments and suggestions regarding pool and billiards.

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Billiards Planet #007 March-10-2008

Table of Contents:

  • Las Vegas BCA National Tournament is coming up in early May.
  • Dr. Cue Tournament Results on Blog?
  • Billiard Hub for All of Your Billiards Supplies.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

Las Vegas BCA National Tournament is coming up in early May.

Everyone is working hard on their pool game here in Southern Colorado and most other places in the world as well.

Yes I said world. There are many countries represented in the annual BCA 8 Ball Championships held in Las Vegas NV.

I believe the dates are May 9th through the 20th. There is a link to the BCA Website below if you would like to learn more.

Take a trip to Las Vegas and check it out. This is a must see if you love playing pool – billiards.

You will find close to 2000 players in the open singles and hundreds of teams on the last 5 days of the tournament.

I believe there are over 200 Diamond Pool Tables set up in the Riviera Hotel and Casino Ball rooms.
Visit BCA Website Here.
Free Fundamental Training
If you have the fundamentals down and you need some pointers on this advanced play and the mental side of things, you will want to check out the book that I just finished reading.

The book is written by a touring pro player by the name of Max Eberle. This book is an easy read and it really gets into the shot routine necessary for competitive play.

The book is called “Zen Pool” and it is worth the read.

I have placed a link below so you can check out the book by Max.
Read about Zen Pool Here.

Dr. Cue Tournament Results on Blog.

The 14th annual Dr. Cue Pool Tournament was held in Pueblo last week end. You can use the link below and read all about it on the billiards blog.

Tom Rossman (Dr. Cue) has been playing in Pueblos largest tournament for 14 years straight. He even won it twice. The link below will get you complete information.
Read about Dr. Cue Tournament Here.


Billiards Ezine presents Billiards Hub.

Billiards Planet is proud to present you with the Billiards Hub.

This is a page which I made to be a portal to about any Pool – Billiards product that you may be looking for.

The page has descriptions and links to individual pages with targeted live auctions on pool and billiards products.

These products are changing constantly and you can find some Great deals by keeping an eye on them.

The link is below.
Follow this link to the Billiards Hub


Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

Vernon Davis sent in an 8 ball question below.

I am enjoying my free pool lessons ,But I have a question ,playing 8 ball and all of my balls are gone and i am shooting for 8 ball and I scratch is game over or do we continue and let the other person shoot at his ball?

My answer is below.

Hello Vernon, It depends on which rules you are playing. BCA it would be ball in hand for your opponent unless you make the 8 and scratch, then it would be a loss. APA or TAP rules say any scratch on the 8 is a loss. Bar rules is the same. Check out https://www.pool-billiards-game.com/billiard-rules.html There are links for more rules on the bottom of page. Thanks, Ted

Joe Herman wrote in the text below.

Dear Ted. I very much appreciate your tips. Unfortunately I am unable to devote much time to practice as I am now 81 years old, soon to have a cataract operation (after which I will be getting new glasses) retired in Costa Rica, don´t speak much Spanish and have only one “Gringo Buddy” to shoot with for about two hours on most Mondays. Therefore my (and my buddies´) progress is not very rapid. The tips about breaking, following thru and staying down on the que have greatly improved my game and I am enjoying playing more. So, I am using your very appreciated tips as best I can and can only say that I am very grateful for you help. Thanks a million Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe Herman

My reply to Joe is below:

Hello Joe, Thanks for the nice note. Do you mind if I put it on the web site? If you send a pic I can put it there as well. Please let me know. Thanks, Ted

Jeff Spencer wrote in the text below:

I was playing at a bar a game of “bank the eight to win” which is straight pool but you have to bank the eight. the guy who wanted to play it banked the eight AND scratched…yet claims he still one as scratching doesn’t matter on the eight ball in that games rules. Is this true?

My reply to Jeff:

Hello Jeff, To the best of my knowledge, when you pocket the 8 ball and scratch it is always a loss. If you are playing bank pool and agree on an exception in advance it may change that. In BCA rules, it is not a loss to scratch on the 8. It is ball in hand for your opponent. This is only if you miss the 8 and scratch. If you make the 8 and scratch, You Lose. I hope this helps. Thanks, Ted

James Gilbert asked the following:

Question……. What is more important as far as improving your stroke/aim. Lately, I have been aiming my que at the object ball vs the thru line. What training or advise can I use to improve my aim and pocketing more balls consistently. I am an above avg player trying to get to the next level. I recently won a 9 ball tournament with some of the locals best and placed 2nd the following week. I play 2x’s per week and practiced weekly. Trying to improve the stroke and eliminate the ” thinking “. Thanks

My answer:

Hello James, All I can offer is my personal opinion. I aim at the object ball as well. When playing position I use the entire pocket and sometimes I spin my cue ball. This makes aiming on the thru line pretty tough. The object ball has a tendency to deflect off the cue ball in the opposite direction, which I’m sure you already know. If applying left English to the cue ball we know that the object ball is going to squirt off to the right. For this reason I look at the object ball and allow for the deflection. Years of practice can train our eyes to see the exact spot on the object ball to pocket the ball. Keep in mind that the pocket is big enough for at least a ball and a half to fit. Most Billiard Table pockets will fit 2 balls. This means that by playing a particular part of the pocket and using the tangent line, we can put the cue ball almost anywhere on the table. I don’t know about playing without thinking. My thought is that we have to think the right thoughts. Lining up on your shot correctly will help you with that effortless consistent play you are looking for. When you are lined up correctly, you should be able to line up on the shot, look away and still make the shot. Tom Cruise did this a couple times in the Color of Money. This all comes down to the fundamentals. Lining up the right way and having a straight stroke is a large portion of any good players game. Make sure you are staying down on the ball. Keep your head down and your eye on the shot. The only thing on your body moving should be your stroke arm. You can brush up on the fundamentals with the link below. https://www.pool-billiards-game.com/billiarddrills.html I hope this helps. Let me know. To your run out success. Ted

James replied with one more question:

Thanks. My problem started when I started allowing for the adjustments made for the amount and type of english being put into the shot. Improving the more I practice and your response has helped……… Last one: The toughest shot I have is the long straight in a shot. Improving, but any suggestions on these shots……….

My answer:

Line up correctly, keep your eye on the object ball and through to the pocket, stay down and stroke smooth and true. Learn how to shoot the straight in shot 1 handed. Practice this until you can do it 10 in a row. Not just a 2 foot shot. 3/4 of the long side of the table is a good distance for this. Let me know how this works out. Ted

Herve replied to an email from the fundamentals training.

Ted: Nice to hear from you. While I’m still not back in PA, found a new billiards parlor at our winter home in Naples, FL. An article about the Sharks Den is attached. The new owner is quite helpful and gave me a lesson on fundamentals. Also gave me a few drills to help develop my stroke and shots. I’m trying to practice every week hoping to make some progress before joining the billiards group back north in May. Juan, owner of Sharks Den, has really done a nice job putting the place in shape. Tables are in great shape, place is clean and he runs a tight ship. Business is slow but he’s hoping will improve as word gets out. I wish him much success. By the way, I did purchase a Lucasi L-D1 ($105) cue and a KC KC-2 purpleheart ($76) cue on Ebay. The prices shown include shipping. Realize these are not high end cues but look great to me. Any suggestions on maintaining the shafts and tips would be much appreciated. I recently ordered a Cue Cube leather shaft slicker to hopefully keep the shafts clean and smooth. I’ll take a look at the items you noted and send any feedback I should have. The best to you and thanks for all your efforts. Herve

My reply:

Hello Herve, Thanks for the note. Nice article on the Florida Pool Room. Happy to hear the owner is helping your game. Sounds like some cool pool cues. Don’t lean them up against walls. Lay them flat on the table or keep them in the case. Keep as close to room temp. as possible. Let’s keep in touch Ted

Marquis Lewis asked:

If the 9-ball is infront of the designated ball to hit cant you hit the 9-ball in as a combination

And if you scratch on the 8-ball do you loses or does the cue have to touch the 8-ball before scratching to lose

My Answer:

Hello Marquis, Thanks for submitting your question through the Pool-Billiards-Game Website. I pasted the question below. Let me know if this helps to answer your questions. Thanks, Ted If the 9-ball is in front of the designated ball to hit cant you hit the 9-ball in as a combination I assume you are referring to the game of 9 ball. The rule in 9 ball is for the Cue Ball to strike (hit) the smallest ball on the table first. If you shoot the Cue Ball into the one ball and then the One Ball, Cue Ball or any other Ball strikes the nine and the 9 Ball falls in a pocket, You Win the Game. The answer is Yes.

And if you scratch on the 8-ball do you loses or does the cue have to touch the 8-ball before scratching to lose This is a tricky question. I assume you are referring to the game of 8 Ball. The rule according to the BCA (Billiards Congress of America), A scratch on the 8 is only a loss if you pocket the 8 Ball and scratch on the same shot. The APA (American Pool Players Association) rule, states that any scratch on the 8 is a foul. This is the most common rule in 8 Ball and it doesn’t matter if you hit the 8 Ball with the Cue Ball.

Charles Slomski wrote:

I was watching the “speed billiards” the other day, and when they wanted, they could stop the que ball dead on a spot. How do they do that? Thanks

My Answer:

Hello Charles, The cue ball has to be straight with the pocket and object ball. Striking the cue ball with your pool cue a hair below the center of the cue ball with a full ball hit and the correct speed on your stroke will stop the cue ball cold. If there is any cut at all, the cue ball will slide or roll on the tangent line. You can learn about these things free with my billiards fundamentals course. https://www.pool-billiards-game.com/pool-billiards-tips.html Let me know if this answer helps. Thanks, Ted

Rob Krista wrote:



My Reply:

Hello Rob, I had a Murray on my cue and I did not like it as much as La Pro. There are many good players in my town that use Murray. I think when it comes to your tip, it has to be what works best for you. I have also used the Elk Master soft tips and they wear out quick. I like either Water Buffalo or La Pro Hard tips. Hope this helps, Ted

Rob Krista wrote more:


My answer:

Hello again Rob, Big time practice builds confidence and will help keep you calm. Controlling your breathing is also important. Focus on your game and the task at hand. Put the object ball in the pocket and get shape. Do not let fear or doubt enter your head or your thoughts. Hope this helps, Ted

Steve Tholen asked this from one of the fundamental lessons:

Learn how to hit 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Rail shots. This will cut down on table fouls because You will know how to control the Cue Ball off the rail. You can learn how to drive Your Cue Ball with Speed and Spin.

Ted, what do you mean “Learn how to hit 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Rail shots”?

Thanks , Steve Tholen

My answer:

Hello Steve, I mean learn how to shoot a ball into the rail and bank it to the opposite side and in the pocket. Then learn how to make it hit 2 rails before entering a pocket. Next do 3 rails and then 4 and then make the ball hit 5 rails before going in the pocket. Learn to do this with your cue ball only to start out with. This will teach you the angles real quick. Hope this helps. To Your Run Out Success, Ted

Tommy K wrote:

Hey Ted,

My fundamentals are coming along great. I’ve found my stance, and feel comfortable with my cue. I even set up a practice routines where I score myself out of 5 sets of 10, including straight shots with the cue ball only (half table and then long table), next I set up a basic straight shot with an object ball and practice my stop and follow shots; I’m still having trouble with my draw shots, I don’t know exactly which speed or how hard to hit the cue ball. Thank you for all your tips I really appreciate it.

Much thanks,

Tommy K

My Answer:

Hello Tommy, Thanks for the note. Happy to hear that your game is coming along. On the draw shot, make sure your cue is as level as possible, Hit the cue ball extremely low without scooping under it and deliver your stroke straight through with good follow through. You do not need to hit it real heard on close and medium length shots. Just a snappy stroke straight through the ball will put the back spin needed. Hope this helps. Ted

Brush up on your Official Billiards Rules with this link.

Tip Of the Month!

I am cutting this section short due to the length of the reader feed back. There are many tips in the questions and answers above. If you have a specific question or challenge, please send it in. You can reply to this email.


OK One Tip.

Keep A Positive Attitude. Your Attitude determines your Altitude in pool and in life.

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