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Happy Easter With Billiards Info


Because the new website is not ready yet, I still have access to this software.

I figured I would wish you a Happy Easter Weekend!

With the craziness going on in our world right now I thought it would be a good time to reach out and say hello and wish you well.

I hope you are having a Great Easter Weekend and I hope you and your friends & family are safe & healthy and thatlife is treating you as good as possible considering.

Now is a great time to be working on your pool game if you have a table or somewhere to play with the lock down in mostplaces.

I shared a couple of cool billiards related activities below to help break up the routine in these tough and scary times.

For your viewing pleasure I encourage you to watch. an awesome 10 Ball match between Shane Van Boening & Francisco Bustamante in the 2020 Diamond Las Vegas Open Match from last month.


I have been spending some time checking out some cool billiards equipment from Omega Billiards, which you can explore with the link below.I found some really cool Cue Stick cases there along with a bunch of other cool equipment from Cue Stcks to Billiard balls to Clothing. Check Out Omega Billiards Here
I will not have access to this mail software much longer.

This is a reminder and repeat of the email I sent March 28th.

I am re designing the site and moving it to a newer and more modern platform. I would like to invite you to make the move with me and be sure you subscribe to my other mailing list.

Please visit the website and fill out the form for the Free 7 Part Fundamental Billiards Training.

This will trigger a string of emails sent every few days with lessons on the fundamentals of billiards.

If you have already done this, no worries. You are on the list and you will stay with me on the new website.

I will be publishing information more frequently in the future and I will be bringing the data base for the fundamentals with me.

Follow the link below and fill out the form where it asks if your cue ball is drunk on the right and you will be subscribed to the list that is coming with me. I hope You will follow to the new list if you are not already subscribed. I will be providing some cool and valuable information and news pertaining to the great game of billiards / pool.

To Your Run Out Success!!



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