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Pool Player tells all about 25 years of playing with Custom Pool-Cues.

Pool Player spills guts about Pool-Cues!

Does the stick make the Man? Does the price really matter?

Find Answers to these questions, along with some Totally Honest opinions, formed over 25 years of playing serious Pool.

What is serious Pool?

What’s My answer to this question?

When you strive to be the best that you can be and play at the Peak of your abilities.

(b)Focused Effort and Concentration!(/b)

The Cue in the picture below is a Joss east. I have been playing with it for a couple years now.

I bought the cue on eBay and it was a great deal for around $170.

My Friend Roy, who is a local cue maker, fixed me up with a custom made shaft which screw into the butt end of this Joss pool cue and now I refer to it as the beast.


You can check out some live eBay auctions when you Visit eBay and search Pool-Cues. Maybe you can find a beast of you own there.

My first custom pool Cue was given to me as a gift. Yes that’s right a gift. I remember holding it and checking it out for the first time. It felt so smooth. It looked so clean and cool. I couldn’t wait for the test drive.

I was 16 Years Old at the time and didn’t even know what a McDermott was. (The cue was a McDermott) I had been playing pool about 5 or 6 years by then. I always used a house stick.

Isn’t it funny how people always refer to it as a stick?

Hey man! Can I use Your Stick?

How many times have you heard that. For me it is many times.

I’m sure most of us have shared our pool-cues on occasion.

Does the Pool-Cue make the Man?

In my experience I would have to say that the stick does Not make the man. I have played in tournaments against tough competition using a House Cue.

A few years back on the day before Thanksgiving we were hanging out at the pool Hall. They were having a tournament and I didn’t have my pool-cues. I usually have at least 3 when I plan to play.

I went to the rack and tried several off the wall. Finally found one that felt good. Don’t you think pool-cues are supposed to feel good?

Back to the tournament. I lost the second match which put me in the loser side. I came through the 1 loss side and defeated the guy on the hill back to back. (He is one of the Home Town favorites.) I have lost to the same guy several times. Using my own Cue.

[Side Note]

I like my cue to be around 19 ounces. A 13mm shaft is what I learned to play with. I played with the McDermott for about 5 years. Turned 21 and bought a Meucci. 19 oz 13 mm all my specs. I played with this Cue for the last 19 years off and on.

Tips don’t last that long on my Cue. There was an older gentleman here in Pueblo replacing my tips. He would send my Cue back nice and smooth and clean. Cool? One day I figured out that my shaft was now 10 or 11 mm. He was sanding it down.


Even the long Snooker shaft for that Pool Cue was down to 12mm.

This is still my favorite stick to play with. Either Shaft.

[end side note]

The McDermott never felt good. It was the right weight and the right size. It balanced pretty good. It just did not have a smooth hit for me. It just did not feel solid like the Meucci.

I say the stick does not make the man. You have to know what you are playing with and adjust.

To contradict that statement, I can not get good cue ball control with a Predator shaft. Tried three different shafts and didn’t like any of them. You can spin the hell out of the ball with them. I might buy one and learn how to operate it. lol

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This link will get you down to the Nitty Gritty. Do you want to build Pool-Cues?

Does Price Really Matter?

In my opinion Price is a factor to a certain extent.

it’s tough to find a good playing two piece custom Pool cue for under $100. I bought a KC Custom cue for $40 about a year and a half back. My buddy put a new Ferrule and Tip on it and it played pretty good. I used it in competition all last year. We won the City Tournament and I was in the Hot seat (hill-hill) 4or 5 times. Had about $70 – $80 in it. That cue even won me a hot seat match in Vegas last May.

My original Meucci was several hundred dollars. By age 22 the purchase of a second Meucci was in order. I found one called a low run. Around $125. This cue played exactly like the expensive one. It just didn’t have Gold and Silver Inlays.

Some pool-cues get extremely expensive.

Sometimes $20 one piece house cues play Great for me. They are usually solid.

my Joss is solid. It is a full 13 mm and a little heavily weighted in the back. I am still getting used to it. This Joss retails for around $450.

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