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This Online Pool School offers Free Billiards Instruction Here. Learn how to Clear the Table Often. When you run the table, your opponent doesn’t get to shoot.

Can You Run a Rack?

If you landed on this page through search results and You are looking for Billiards Instruction, You Found It. This page is part of a 7 part Free Online Email Training course. The Course covers the Basic Fundamentals of Pool and Billiards. This will be Most Effective for You when combined with the Email and additional Web Pages.

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Scroll down page and Finish part 2 of 7 Part Billiards Fundamentals.

This Page is Email # 2 part 2 in 7 part course. You can go back to Email #2 Part 1 by clicking the link Below.

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The next exercise in our Pool School training is to Shoot Your Cue Ball straight down the table.

Line Your Body up Correctly as explained in the first email installment.

Hold your Pool Cue Straight and Level.

  • Follow Through all the way to the End of Your Stroke.
  • Keep Your Head Down and leave Your Pool Cue extended.
  • Hit Cue Ball Dead Center. Let Cue ball roll back up table and collide with Tip. Study the Pictures below for a more thorough understanding.



Practice this with a slow medium and hard Stroke. If you are hitting the ball center, stroking straight through and the table is level, Your Cue Ball should bounce off the rail and roll straight into your cue tip. This will insure that You are Stroking the ball Straight.

The Video Below Illustrates this to the letter.

(Hitting the Cue Ball to the Right or Left (English) will make the ball deflect in the same direction. We will cover English in depth later in this course.)

The Final Drill for this second Installment is as Follows.

Line balls up on either the Head Rail or the Foot Rail. Using Your Pool Cue, Shoot these Balls Straight into the pockets on the other end of the table. Make sure You focus on the Following list when doing this exercise.

  • Line up on the shot. Get Your Body and Stance Right.
  • Look straight down Pool Cue to the Ball and into the Pocket.
  • Follow straight through the Ball with Your Stroke.
  • Keep Your Head Down and Your Pool Cue Extended until Ball is in Pocket.
  • Practice this until You can Pocket 100 Balls in a Row Routinely.


Study the Diagram below for further pool school explanation.


Practicing this will help You immensely when the third lesson arrives in 6 days. Practice until You can Shoot 100 balls in the pocket in a row, Without missing. If You miss a shot, start over and shoot till you make 100 straight. Use the long Rail. Shoot the length of the table.

The Video Below will take you through this Billiards Fundamental Exercise.

Isn’t Pool School Fun?

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