Pool Stick

Pool stick is a term that you usually hear in a bar.

Pool stick is a term used by people who drink and hit some balls around to pass the time.

Doesn’t pool cue sound much better?

I know we have all probably referred to a cue as a stick at one time or another. The classic question from your friend might be, Hey can I borrow your stick?

I have played in a few places where the cues do not deserve to be called pool cues. In these establishments, stick is about the best we can do.

I have written several articles about pool cues in the past. The reason for this page is because through my extensive billiards research on line, I found that there are over 35,000 searches per month preformed for the terms pool or billiards stick.

You can follow the links directly below this text and read up on all of the billiard cue information which I have published so far.

You will find reviews, pool cues for sale and you can read about my 25 plus years of experience with billiard cues. The links below are all set to open in a new browser window. This will keep this page open so you don’t lose your place.
This link will fill you in on some pool stick information.

More Pool Cue Information Here.


Check out the Pool Stick that I shoot with pictured below.

The pool cue pictured is a Joss East Cue. I found a great deal on that cue a couple years back. I purchase the cue from eBay. Yes you read that right. eBay, just visit the site and type pool cue or stick or billiards cue into the search box and many cues will show up.

Before purchasing from eBay, be sure to check the seller feed back rating. This can usually be found on the top right corner of the pool cue auction listing.


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