Pre Shot Routine

Your Pre Shot Routine is one of the most important Billiards fundamentals!

How is Your Pre Shot Routine?

Improve Your Pool Game when you have a consistent Pre shot routine! Having a consistent routine gives you a big edge when it comes to running racks.

Do not slide from the side lining up on your shots. Develop a routine where you address the shot at the right angle and walk into your shot already seeing how to make it.

Chalk your cue, stand the same, hold the cue the same and line up the same way on every shot. This will give you much better consistency when playing pool.

You will find that the game becomes methodical and sometimes you will find yourself running multiple racks.

Keep in mind This Will Only Happen with Perfect Practice.

Check out the videos below for a demo on theĀ Pre Shot Routine!

These videos were just a quick demo. Remember that how you stand and hold your cue has to be right for you. Doing it the same way every time however is what will give you a strong game.

Let’s face it. If you know how to move the cue ball around while pocketing balls, You have your billiards fundamentals almost down. Doesn’t it make sense to hone in on the finer details and increase your win average immensely?

Developing a strong and consistent routine before every shot will improve the effectiveness of your stroke and make you a far more dangerous pool player.

Do you ever practice shooting drills?

When you practice shooting billiards drills, be sure you are practicing with the same concentration and focus as when you are actually playing pool. Taking the same actions on every shot will develop your game at a rapid pace.

This is a great way to learn how to get in the zone on demand. Get motivated and practice hard. When you start running racks in eight and 9 ball and scaring your opponents , It’s worth it.

If you have Not Taken the 7 Part Billiards Fundamentals Course, You can Get it FREE Here. Develop that Pre Shot Routine Now.

Speaking of pre shot routine. Have you checked out 8 Ball Winning Strategies?

If you own the book cool. You probably found this page from an update. If you do not own the book yet you can check it out with the link below.

Playing good pool is all about the fundamental movements in the game. This page was added to the course because you do need to have shot making and advancing through the rack become a routine.


Take the time to line up your shots the same way every time. Bring your game to the point of being on auto pilot. Work hard on your pool game and your pool game will work for you. This routine habit will bring you closer than you can imagine to mastering the game of billiards.