Pool Player-Web Master, Finds the word Billard. Is it billiards misspelled?

Massive research reveals the Truth. Find out if Billard is a game or an animal.

In my quest to provide good up beat and accurate information about pool and billiards, I kept coming up with the other word, in many of the searches I perform. This word showed up repeatedly with different phrases. Some of the phrases listed below.

  • Game
  • Parlor
  • Pool
  • Ball
  • Bobbi
  • Table
  • Instruction
  • Back Spin
  • Bobbi: Pic, Nude, Mac and Bumble, Free Pic, Video, Naked
  • Bobby
  • Canada
  • Online
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  • I found it to be interesting when the word billard just kept popping up.

    Is billard, billiards mispelled, who is Bobbi?

    These search results left many questions.

    These searches were performed with the "Keyword Selector Tool".

    This lead to some Google searching to find out what these websites had to offer.

    I was amazed to find 14,700,000 pages returned by Google.

    Do you think maybe I read them all? NOT!

    I did however, read through the first several pages on the word itself.

    I then did some additional searches on the words and phrases listed above. Would you like to know the findings?

    Read On.

    When I searched the keyword Billard only, there were only about 3 sites on the first page of Google search with this key word.

    The first on the list was a Canadian Website selling billiard equipment and supplies. This site did include the keyword without the I. (billiards - I = keyword) lol Small riddle.

    The second couple listings referred to Bobbi keyword. (riddle) After visiting a couple of those sites I will have to warn you that a couple of them are for Adult Eyes Only!

    Bobbi saaid on her website and I quote.

    "Hi, I'm Bobbi Billard. You may have seen me in magazines, posters, calendars, television, or all over the internet. I am currently rated the Top Model on the Internet by AOL & Netscape and I am also one of the first well known models to have a live webcam.

    I really love my website and spend most of my time, working on making it the best that it can be. Rest assured that this site is not, run by some corporation. Yes, I really do run all of this all by myself and I take a lot of pride in what I do!".

    This appears to be a membership website and I would say there has been some work put into it. (Adult Eyes Only!)

    Bobbi it turns out also has a site called "Bobbi Billiards livejournal".

    Didn't find much content about pool there however.

    The third listing was a site called "Ask Men". This site had major content on our girl above. The site also had sports and other things that many men find interesting. I know because I am a man. lol

    Pretty much every thing else was all about Pool and Billiards. When I do research on the sport the highest results always come back with the Online games. I have been playing some and will be adding a page to the site dedicated to that subject. When I do, I will change this text and fill you in.

    Check out the search results for Billards here with "cleansearch". This will open in a new window and you can still Read On and find the TRUE definition.

    Have you noticed how commercial the Internet is getting?

    The largest percentage of sites, which I clicked on and visited at random, were simply sales pages. Some of these had zero text. All Links! All of these sites were advertising pool and Billiards. I noticed!

  • Tables
  • Cues
  • Balls
  • Chalk And even swimming pool stuff and "Geico Insurance". I had that Green Geico staring right into my monitor. No Kidding! There were a couple sites in foreign languages. I used a website translator to find out what they said. I am inconclusive but open minded to the possibility of a 3 cushion billiard game in a country other than the US, called "Billard". There were a few listings of famous people with the last name.
  • Canadian actress Lani
  • Frederick C. famous ww1 navy officer (answers.com) We can't forget Bobbi now. there was one other lady. I think it was Audie. (not sure) Onward To the True Definition! I did a search with Google for the definition. ("Definition") The results were about the same as above. "Ask Jeeves" however, yielded nice results. Many definition pages. The true definition is all the same. Definition of Billard (Webster dictionary) BilĀ“lard n. 1. (Zool.) An English fish, allied to the cod; the coalfish. An English fish, allied to the cod; the coalfish. (http://dictionary.oxid.ro/Definition/Billard/index.html) (online dictionary Well there you have it. My fully detailed report. Check back to the site often. Subscribe to the Blog. You won't want to miss the Action/Information that is coming from this site.

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