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Check out the Video Below for Some Entertainment and a small demonstration of what's in the 7 Part Billiards Course.

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7 Part Basic Pool-Billiards-Game Fundamental Training. Click Here for more Details.

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Pool leagues are rolling and most of the major National Billiards tournaments are only a couple months away. Good luck to you in this seasons competitions. I hope you win all of your games

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I know it makes me want to step up and run a few racks. Even after 27 years of playing the game.

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    Do You Make almost all of Your Balls and Miss the Money Ball or the Ball before the Money?

    Master the Fundamentals of Pool-Billiards and Increase Your Confidence Level.

    You can get Started with some Basic Fundamental Pool-Billiards Instruction with the Pool Billiards Game 7 Part Basic Pool-Billiards-Game Fundamental Training. Click Here for Details.

    Bringing people quality information about the Pool Billiards Game is what this site is all about. I play in the BCA National Pool Tournament most years. The tournament used to be in May. They moved it to the Rio in July 2013. I am always on the look out for cool news tips and stories related to the game. I encourage you to book mark this page so you can return often.

    Have You been Watching Classic Billiards on ESPN?

    These matches are pretty cool to watch and inspired me to head down to the local pool hall today where I shot some practice drills and practiced running 3, 6 and 9 balls in rotation for about 4 hours.

    Use the link below and look for the post about classic billiards. There is some cool play by play action on a match between Cowboy Jimmy Moore and Willie Mosconi.

    Check out the Pool Billiards Supplies Blog Here.

    News Flash. Diamond Jim's APA Masters Pool Team from Pueblo Colorado, wins $3,000.00 and entry into American Pool Players Association Masters Event in Las Vegas August 18th 2008.

    The 2008 win was fun. We didn't do so good in Vegas however. We followed that city championship with another in 2009 and then another in 2010. We already qualified for the City Tournament in 2011. Maybe this will be our year to win in Vegas. This Pool Billiards Game site will keep you posted on the results. First we have to win the city tournament in July. The Las Vegas tournament is in August.

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