Billiards Parlor

Billiards Parlor is not a name that we hear very often.

Doesn’t the word Billiards Parlor make you kind of picture an extremely plush or rich looking pool room?

I grew up calling it the pool hall or just the bar. Many use the term pool room or billiards hall.

Whichever name you choose to use, I’m sure you would agree that about any safe pool room is a good place to hang out and work on your game.

My home town is Pueblo Colorado. We only have a couple places here that would be classified as a pool hall or parlor. Don’t get me wrong. There are probably 100 places where you can play pool but most of them are bars with only minimal tables.

A nice pool hall will usually have a variety of tables in different sizes. You could work on your game on the 9 foot tables or get in tune for league play on the bar sized tables. (usually 7 foot)

Many Pool Rooms will have other games as well. You will find games such as Foosball, Darts, various Video Games, Pin Ball and some of the really cool rooms will even have Shuffle Board.

I was doing some research on what people are looking for in the area of billiards on line and this is what prompted me to write a little blurb about Billiards Parlor.

Playing pool in a nice pool room can be a nice experience. I always like to play tournaments in this kind of facility. It can get pretty expensive just to play by the hour or the game. A tournament gives you a chance to show a profit and green fees if any are usually reasonable.

What are the pool rooms like in your neck of the woods?

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Check out the Old Time Billiards Parlor Pictured Below.


Check out the More Modern Pool Room in the Pic Below


This is the kind of pool room you will find in most cities across the good old USA. Usually a very clean and upscale environment. Many big Pool Rooms will also provide some descent food and drink along with nice billiards equipment.

A pool room like this will make a person want to settle in and jyst shoot some pool all afternoon and evening.

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