Billiards Rules

Billiard Rules? Bar Rules, League Rules, Which Rules are Straight Eight?

Have you ever had a confrontation over Billiards Rules? How about an actual fight?

I have witnessed many and escaped quite a few. I’ve been forced to participate in a couple.

Is it really worth fighting over a pool game? It might be if You’re playing for Money.

For me it felt worth it as a young buck in My twenties. Now at age 40 it seems kind of Nuts.

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What is this game known as Bar Rules? Here we have a whole new set of Billiard Rules.

Bar rules are the first rules that I ever learned. In the Billiard Rules arena, bar rules pretty much pertains to 8 ball. The rules are much the same as your general 8 ball rules. One difference is, that if you make a ball on the break it will designate the table (solids or stripes). The major differences are in your call pocket rule.

Normal rules state that if you call your pocket and ball and that particular ball ends up in the called pocket it is a good shot.

The bar rules version require a player to call banks into the rail and caroms off other balls. This means if you call the eight in the corner clean and it touches a ball or rail on the way in you lose the game. As for any object ball besides the eight it would result in loss of turn.

I remember calling shots on many occasions that would go something like this. Eight Ball in the Corner off the 5 ball.

If you have ever played Bar Rules, you probably lost or won games because of these variations in the Rules.

There is no penalty for non contact of an object ball and or rail in bar pool. This makes it possible to dink the ball and hide it without even executing a legal hit. The bar player mentality however is that you should always try your hardest to make a shot.

Safety shots are referred to as dirty pool or cheating. A.K.A. chicken shit.

There is no Ball in hand when you are playing Bar rules. When a player scratches or knocks the cue ball off the table, the opposing player shoots from the head string. A table foul where no object ball is contacted and or no rail is touched would normally mean ball in hand for your opponent. In Bar rules it is a loss of turn.

This means you can just roll the cue ball to a cluster and leave your opponent buried. It could also start a Fight.

Will people fight over Billiard Rules? Yes!


I started playing Pool in my dads basement at the age of 10. The only Billiard Game Rules I knew then were 8 ball, 15 ball Rotation (as we referred to it) and cut throat. There was a tavern behind our house and I started playing there around the age of 14.

Every player there played Bar Pool and also referred to it as straight 8.

By My 15th birthday I was playing pool in the teen night clubs. I looked old for my age and in 1982 the drinking age in Colorado was 18. Everyone playing in those clubs played Bar Rules 8 Ball.

It must have been around the age of 16 when Nine Ball became my game of choice. I liked the ball in hand rules and the fast pace of the game.

By age 19 I was hanging out in the local Pool Halls. We had several back then that were not bars. I think there is one left now.

This is where I was first introduced to Tournament and League 8 ball rules. I took to these rules immediately and loved the way they could speed up the game. This is about the time that I actually started reading some books about Pool and Billiard Rules. Started getting into a practice routine.

When I was 18 my idea of a fun date was buying a 12 pack and making my girl friend count how many balls in a row I could pocket.

My game quickly advanced past the bar players. many of them resisted the ball in hand rules and still prefer straight 8 so they call it.

It seems like ball in hand is becoming more common now. Finally! Anyone who plays at all Respects a decent Safety these days.

Read on for more about Billiard Rules.

What are League Billiard Rules?

The answer to this question would depend on the league and the game. Nine ball rules are pretty similar from league to league. 8 Ball rules have a few differences.

BCA and TAP are call every pocket. (Gentleman call. If it’s obvious call is automatic) No you do not have to call kisses, caroms or banks.

APA is anything counts except the 8 ball. Here you have to not only call but mark your pocket. (You have to mark your pocket in the TAP league and a few others as well)

The 8 on the break is not a win in the BCA league. It is a win in TAP, APA and most other leagues. If you make the 8 on the break in the BCA, You can choose to spot it and try to run out or re-rack the balls.

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