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Pool Instruction. Fundamentals of Pool, Entry Level Players Advance Game.

Master the Fundamentals of Pool. Instruction Helps the Entry Level Player Advance Their Game.

Improve Your Billiards Game Now. Run Those Racks.

This Page is part 7 in a 7 part Basic Pool and Billiards Fundamentals Basic Training Course. This Material is Best Used with the First 6 Lessons.

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Part 7 Pool Instruction Billiards Fundamentals of Pool. Putting it All Together.

Now that You have practiced with the mechanics of the Basic Fundamentals, it is time to put it all together.

This final lesson covers putting the previous 5 lessons together.

Are You Ready to Run Multiple Balls? How about Multiple Racks?

Would You agree the best and fastest way To Learn is To DO?

Today’s Billiards Fundamentals Instruction lesson is simple.

  • Rack 3 balls to start with and Break the 3 Ball Rack. (Picture Below)
  • Practice leaving Your Cue Ball on the Center of the Table with Your Break Shot.
  • Start with an easy shot that You can Make. (Place Cue Ball by Hand if Necessary)
  • Practice running the three balls in order of number rotation, lowest to highest.
  • Keep your bridge hand steady and favor the center of the cue ball.
  • Keep your grip hand lose and keep your eye on the object ball when striking the cue ball.
  • Be aware of your shot routine and get ready with each practice stroke.
  • Practice with an open bridge and a closed bridge.
  • Keep your eye on the contact point of the cue ball.
  • Practice this three ball run out drill until You can Clear the Table 90% of the time. (9 out of 10)
  • When You master this drill, start adding balls. (Now Run 4 Balls)
  • Keep adding Balls to the rack until You are Running 9 or 10 Balls Regularly.

Starting with 3 Balls will keep it simple. This will help You to recognize 3 ball patterns. Stop Your Cue Ball as much as possible. The more the Cue Ball travels the better the chance of Mistakes. You will start to find 3 ball patterns in every game You play.

Always start Your run with an easy shot. The idea is to start with a shot You can make and then keep the Cue Ball in line from shot to shot.

Practice as much as possible. The only way You can learn is to Do. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Check out the Video Below for some 3 Ball and 6 Ball Billiard Drills Practice.

Here We are at the Final Installment of the 7 part Billiards Fundamental training.

Did You get the Basics down?

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