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I asked Him Would You mind some Free Billiard Instruction?

I was playing Pool League last Week when a Player from the other team missed a routine shot by several inches. He was shooting right in My line of view. Noticing that His chin was about 3 inches to the left of His Pool Cue and taking note that He missed the shot to about the same degree, I had to ask if He had ever Studied the Fundamentals.

This particular Player has been in the League for several Years now. This Guy has been Known to Win some Games as well.

I was Amazed in Finding out that He has never Studied the Fundamentals.

This Page is part 3 of a 7 Part Pool Billiards Instruction Course.

If You found this page through search results (search engine) or a Website link, well that's Cool and We're Happy You found Us. This Information is best used in the order it is sent out in the Free 7 part course.

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Billiard Instruction, Basic Fundamentals. Installment 3 Part 1

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Welcome back to Billiard Instruction, Basic Training.

How is the Practice Going?

Knowledge is the Easy Part.

The Only way that I Know for Maximum Improvement in Your Game is, PRACTICE!

You Must take what You Learn Here to the Pool Table. Practice the Fundamentals.

I copied the text from the # 3 Email Installment below. If you have already read this email, simply scroll down the page, to the Picture, and Get The Rest Of The Story.

In the first 2 installments You learned.

How to hold Your Cue.

How to Stand.

How to Develop a Straight Stroke.

Today We will work on the 3 Basic Shots in the Game. These are Stop, Follow and Draw.

Stop means just what it Say's. Hit the Object Ball and the Cue Ball Stops!

Follow will produce the Cue Ball Following Object Ball.

Draw will make the Cue Ball Back up off Object Ball.

Today we will cover straight in shots only. This means the Cue Ball, the Object Ball and the Pocket are all lined up Straight.

The Cue ball will Not Stop Dead unless You are Hitting the Object Ball Full and Straight in. If there is any Cut involved, the Cue Ball will travel straight on the Tangent Line with a Stop Stroke.

We will be covering the Tangent Line Next Week.

For now just Focus on Straight in Shots.

The Cue Ball will Not Follow or Draw Straight on cut shots either. It will however Follow above the tangent line or Draw below it. (Next Weeks Lesson!)

End Email Text

The Picture Below is a Good Example of a Straight in Shot.

Billiard Instruction, Pool Tips, Billiards

Study the picture above. Observe the 1 Ball Cue Ball and Pocket all Lined Up.

Striking the Cue ball about 1/2 of a Cue Tips width below the center with a Good Stroke and Follow Through will Cause the Cue ball to Stop Dead in it's Tracks.

Be careful shooting this with the short distance between the Cue Ball and Object Ball, as in the picture above. The Cue Ball will Draw back if You Shoot it to Hard. For Shots that are farther apart You will need to Shoot a little harder.

Practice this shot as Pictured and then any way you can think of. Make sue the 2 Balls and the Pocket are Lined up Straight.

Make sure you Practice up the long Rail most of the Length of th Table.

Learning to make a straight in shot the length of the table and stop the Cue Ball is Critical. Practice this until you can shoot it correctly the majority of the time. This may be harder than You think. Especially on a Table with Tight Pockets.

Billiard Instruction Below.

Let's Review.

  • Strike Cue Ball 5 to 7 Millimeters Below the Center. (One half of the width of Your Cue Tip.)

  • Make sure Balls and Pocket are Lined Straight In.

  • Learn how to adjust speed and stop close and far shots.

  • Long shots require more speed in order to Stop Spin.

  • Practice until You can Stop Cue Ball on any straight in shot.

    You will need to be able to do this consistently in order to proceed with this Billiard Instruction.

    Watch the video below for some first hand eye witness examples of stop follow and draw on your cue ball.

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