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Welcome to Pool-Billiards-Game Basic Fundamentals Training Course.

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This page is part 4 of a seven part Pool and Billiards Email Training Course. This material is best utilized in succession with the rest of the course. You can Request the Entire Free Course from the Website by Following the Link below.

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Part 4 of 7 part Pool and Billiards Fundamentals Basic Training Billiard Drills.

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Below is a copy of the relevant content from the part 4 email.

Welcome to part 4 of Pool and Billiards Fundamentals Basic Training.

Have You practiced what You learned in the First 3 Lessons?

Are the fundamentals becoming more comfortable yet?

I can't stress the Importance of Practice enough. Practice is the one and only most important thing when it comes to improving Your Game.

You need the knowledge of the Fundamentals and the techniques. You must learn how to utilize them or they will not help You much.

Playing Pool is good. Practice Your fundamentals when You Play.

Dedicated Practice is how You can dramatically improve Your Game. Dedicate some regularly scheduled practice times for Your benefit and find out how much You can improve quickly.

Let's study some Billiard Drills!

Lesson # 4, English and Deflection!

The lesson for today will introduce You to English. English refers to the spin which the Pool Cue Tip implants on the Cue Ball.

If you recall we did an exercise where You shot the Cue Ball straight down the table and it came back to rest against the tip of Your Cue.

When shooting this shot You were using Center English. Today we are going to practice and learn about right and left English.

Using the same set up as in the stroke the Cue Ball straight drill, and shooting the Cue Ball straight down the table, into the center diamond.

This time apply about a cue tips width of right English.

Your Cue Ball will come off the bottom rail to the right. The degree of angle will depend on the amount of spin and ball speed.

You can then apply Left English and the Cue Ball will deflect to the left.

Check out the Pictures and Explanations Below.

I am not a pro with pictures. These pics are to help You understand the lessons.

Please take them for what they are, which is Training Aids. The pics are not created for a graphics contest.

Let's Continue with Billiard Drills.

Billiard Drills, Pool and Billiards English.

The picture is to help you visualize English.

The black dots represent the Tip of Your Pool Cue.

Please realize that these examples are extreme English. You will apply some spin if You strike the Cue Ball off center even a fraction of an inch.

The picture shows center right and center left English. You can also apply high or low, right or left English.

Billiard Drills Below!

Billiard-Drills, Pool and Billiards Drills right.
Billiard-Drills, Pool and Billiards Drills left.

Practice the shot pictured above with Right and left English. Learn the correct spin and speed to strike the center diamond as pictured, and scratch in the corner pocket.

If You do not want to scratch, place an object ball in the pocket.

Sometimes practicing with Your Cue Ball only can be very valuable. Practice sending Your cue ball off the rails with and without side spin. (left and right English)

Learn how to hit 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Rail shots. This will cut down on table fouls because You will know how to control the Cue Ball off the rail. You can learn how to drive Your Cue Ball with Speed and Spin.

Shooting these Billiard Drills repeatedly will increase Your skill level massively.

Check Out the Video Below for some straight down the table and then right and left English Drills.

Give some serious thought to the Practice Investment. It is the best investment You can make in Yourself. Get Your Cue Ball spin under control over the next 6 days. This will help You with lesson # 5.

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