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Welcome to Pool-Billiards-Game Basic Fundamentals Training Course.

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Part 5 of 7 part Pool and Billiards Fundamentals Basic Training.

Below is a copy of the relevant content from the part 5 Billiard Schools email.

Welcome to part 5 of Pool and Billiards Fundamentals Basic Training.

Have You practiced what You learned in the First 4 Lessons?

Are the fundamentals becoming more comfortable yet?

Yes it's true as stated in the last lesson, Practice is Key.

Today We are going to cover the Tangent Line. Practice this lesson until You always know where the Cue Ball is going.

Lesson # 5, Tangent Line.

The lesson for today will introduce You to the Tangent Line.

The Tangent Line is the path which the Cue Ball will take after contacting the Object Ball. With a 1/2 Cue Tip width (5 to 8 MM) below center of the Cue Ball and a good stroke it should follow straight on the line between the contact point.

If You put Lower English on the Cue Ball and have a good straight through the Ball Stroke, You can pull back from the Tangent line and decrease the angle.

Using High English will cause the Cue Ball to travel Forward across the tangent line.

Check out the Pictures below along with the explanations.

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Billiard Schools, Pool and Billiards Tips, Online Instruction

Billiard Schools, Pool and Billiards Online, Tangent Line.

You can observe that the skinny Green arrow is splitting the contact point where the Cue Ball and object Balls collide on the shots.

With that 1/2 Cue Tip below center English and assuming You hit the Ball Good and Pocket it, The Cue Ball will travel on the course of the skinny arrow.

The Tangent Line comes into play on pretty much every shot.

On full straight in shots, the Cue Ball will either Stop, Follow or Draw back depending on how high or low You hit the Cue Ball.

Shots with any kind of cut will deflect the direction of the Tangent Line.

Practice cutting balls in and watch Your Cue Ball travel the line after contact.

Practice rolling forward over the line with High English.

Practice Drawing Back away from the Line with Low English.

Put some left or right side spin (English) on the Ball and watch how it changes the deflection off the rail.

This game is made up of speed and spin. The only way to develop predictable shape or pattern play is to Practice enough that it becomes comfortable and automatic.

Practice this until it is easy. It is Easy!

Check out the Billiard Schools Video Below with more Information about the tangent line.

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