Billiard Clothing makes up a large percentage of my wardrobe.

Billiard ClothingBilliard Clothing

Billiard Clothing is cool and popular in the Southern Colorado pool playing community. Most people

What is a common denominator for most people who seriously play pool? Shirts with pictures of billiards balls, racks, pool cues, pool tables and cool billiard phrases.

Billiards apparel is appreciated by most any pool enthusiast.

When you enjoy a sport and you are proud to be a part of it, wearing clothing that shows your sport off is extremely cool. Makes a person feel proud to be a part of the game.

I play in the BCA tournament every year in May. This is their National event in Las Vegas. I always come home with billiards apparel.

I have pool shirts with a flaming 8 ball and some pretty cool billiard phrases. Years ago I even owned a co ed naked pool shirt. I wore that one out. LOL The shirt actually might have been a co ed naked billiards shirt.

Billiard Clothing can be funny and sometimes down right offensive.

I have seen some funny pictures and sayings related to billiards on shirts and hats over the years. I have also seen some offensive to some people. There are even people who put not so tasteful pictures on their  pool and billiard shirts.

The National pool tournaments are a great place to find clothing related to billiards. You will find many vendors selling jackets, hats, shirts and even pants. You will find some catchy phrases or just some plain billiard pics.

Expect to pay $25 or more for a T-Shirt and $40 and up for hoodies. Jackets start at around $50 and you can find some cool caps for around $10.

One thing I have learned over the years is that pool players like to wear shirts letting people know they love pool.

There is a company online called T Spring. You can design a shirt and advertise it. If you sell enough copies T Spring will print it out and ship to all the customers. Last year we did one with a shark standing on his fins. The caption said pool shark. It was cool. I bought 2 of them.

Have you ever seen the shirt that said Pool Players have more balls?

How about Pool Players do it on the table?

These are examples of the not tasteful to some people shirts I mentioned.

Speaking of Billiard Apparel, Click on this Link for some Billiards Gloves.