Find Your Billiards Cue Sticks Here. Sometimes I buy Pool Cues on Auction and Re Sell them on Pool League night for a Profit.

When playing Billiards Cue Sticks are pretty much a necessity. I picked up my last two Pool Cues from eBay. They were a fraction of the retail price. I had one of our local Cue makers do a few minor adjustments and I ended up with some real nice discounted pool cues.

Billiards Cue SticksBilliards Cue Sticks

The pool cue pictured above is a Joss. I bought it on ebay and my good friend Roy, who also makes cues, built me a custom shaft for the cue. This made the cue a bit heavier than I was used to but after some practice, I learned how to drive the balls pretty good.

It's interesting that some people do a search online for the term billiards cue sticks.

I always refer to them as pool cue, cue stick or simply I need to get my cue.

Are you looking to find a new pool cue?

When looking for a new pool cue, there are many things to consider. There is the size of the tip, the length of the cue and of course the weight of the billiards cue.

I prefer to play with a 13 milimeter tip and a 19 ounce cue. I have been known to play ok with as small as 11 milimeters. I think the size and weight is a matter of personal preference.

The last two cues that I purchased were from the eBay auctions listed above. One was a Joss and the other was a KC Custom Cue. I have less than $250 in both cues and I hear the Joss is worth around $400 by it's self.

I wanted to retire my Meucci and keep it as a collector.

I think this is pretty cool. My Meucci retailed for around $850 if my memory serves me correctly. I have owned the Cue for 20 years.

I recently had a new cue built. The new one is a Kikel. Dave Kikel lives in my home town and he builds on hell of a cue. He also charges on hell of a price. lol

It took him just short of a year to finish the cue he just built for me. I will get a picture here when I get a chance.