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This course will set the course to major achievements in your billiards game. Billiard Drills can turn the average player into the great player. If you like to play pool, school is in session.

This course will help you know what to expect with your cue ball, increase your confidence in shot making and take most of the guess work out of your pool-billiards-game.

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Billiards FundamentalsBilliards Fundamentals

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Have you ever been shooting in pool balls and make several in a row when all of a sudden you just miss a straight in ball?

How about getting to the last ball and hiding your cue ball behind another ball where you fail to get out?

When you study and learn the fundamentals and then practice what you learn, these situations will start to happen less frequently.

Do you ever step up to the table wondering which shot to take and how to run the rack?

Wouldn't it be great to know where the cue ball was going on every shot?

These fundamental drills on Billiards will cover English, deflection, the tangent line and how your stroke will effect the spin on the cue ball.

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