Diamond Pool Tables played great at the 2008 BCA Nationals Eight Ball Tournament

These particular Diamond Pool Tables, were covered with blue cloth. The cloth was almost like a sky blue color.

The BCA (Billiards Congress of America) National 8 ball tournament is a huge event. I think a read that there were over 7,000 participants for 2008.

All of the tables were Diamonds. They all had the blue felt and they all played pretty fast. It's quite a site when you see these tables lined up in rows filling the huge ball rooms in the east end of the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas in the future, i would suggest going in mid May. You can swing by the Riviera and check it out for yourself. You could also hop in a BCA league and get your games in so you can play in the next event.

I currently own a 3.5 by 7 foot Valley bar table. Until recently, my favorite table to play on has been the Brunswick Gold Crown with fast cloth. Preferably Simonis 860 on the cloth. (Very Fast) I have also owned Gandy, Murray, Brunswick, Fisher and US Billiards tables in the past.

Diamond Pool Tables have become my table of choice over the last several yeas. The next table I buy will definitely be a Diamond. These tables play fast and true. They are solid as a rock and they are less noisy that the valley bar boxes.

Check out one of the Diamond Pool Tables in one of our local pool rooms here in Pueblo CO.

Diamond Pool TablesDiamond Pool Tables

Check out the diamond Table Information on Wikipedia Here!

News Flash! There is a company out of New Mexico that makes what they call a pro cut rail. I put this on my old Valley table along with some new Simonis 860 cloth and now my table plays almost like a Diamond.

My table is actually a little tougher than a Diamond Table because the pockets are much tighter. It's almost like playing Snooker.

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