Tom Rossman plays in the 13th annual Dr. Cue Pool and Billiards Tournament.

The Dr. Cue Pool and Billiards Tournament held in Pueblo Colorado. This is one of Southern Colorado's Largest Pool-Billiards Tournaments.

This 8-Ball Tournament was hosted by Lucky Lou's Nightclub. The event lasted 2 days. (Saturday & Sunday March 3-4 2007). This was the 13th year in a row for this pool tournament in Pueblo Colorado.

We had 84 players show up for this Pool Tournament. The players came from all over Colorado and even as far as Arizona.

Then of course we had the gentleman who travels the entire world putting on Pool and Billiard shows which would be none other than Tom Rossman, A.K.A. Dr. Cue. (You will find a link below which will take you to Tom's website.)

I can remember when we had our first Dr. Cue tournament. Tom was doing an exhibition in the Pool room at the college in Pueblo, (Year was 1995). Several players from town showed up to check out his show. We were all talking with him and having a good time. (Tom's trick shot shows are cool)

As I remember Jodie Talmadge, one of our local players came up with an arrangement for Tom to play in a tournament here in Pueblo Colorado. The tournament is a fund raiser and proceeds are used to assist one of our many BCA teams in attending the national billiards tournament in Las Vegas NV.

The tournament is still going strong after 13 years. I enjoy this event when I can attend and it's always nice to visit with Tom and his wife A.K.A. Miss Cue. (Pardon the Pun) lol

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Dr. Cue Puts on Trick Shot Show, Friday Night.

As usual the weekend started with Tom putting on one of his fantastic shows. If you have watched Trick shot Magic on ESPN then you have most likely seen Tom Rossman preform.

The show was held the night before tournament play began and it was as always free to attend. Many pool and Billiard enthusiasts from surrounding areas showed up for the show.

Have you ever seen the jump shot into the cowboy boot on TV? The shooter jumps the cue ball off the table and into a cowboy boot several feet away from the table.

I believe the great Mike Massey was the first to shoot this shot.

The crowd went wild when Tom jumped the cue ball into a child's sneaker several feet from the table. That tiny shoe was much more difficult to hit, than a large boot.

My personal favorites were the one handed jump shots one after the other with a jump cue in each hand.

The link below will take you to Tom Rossman's Promotion website.

Follow this link and learn all about Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman.

Check out this Cool Book that I found the other day. It's Called "8 Ball Secrets".

Pool and Billiards Game Dr. Cue Tournament, Pueblo Colorado

The picture above shows the final 8 players in the tournament aiming their pool cues at the pile of prize money. You might say they are taking a shot at the cash. lol

I am not going in to the actual tournament results here. My friend John Barker has already provided this information in detail on the Pueblo Billiards Times website. I have provided a link for you below.

The final 8 finishers are as follows. 1st Nick Smith ($840), 2nd Frank Baca ($600), 3rd Bill Skinner ($400), 4th Roy Gibson ($200), 5th/6th Nate Smith & Mike Todd ($150) and finally tied for 7th/8th Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman & Sam Cordova ($100)

You can follow this link for full Dr. Cue Tournament details from Pueblo Billiards Times

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