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Pool Tips and Billiards Instruction

Notice My Hand is not tight on the cue. Many players hold the cue like this. There are also some players who almost hold it with their fingers only. (I tried that once, didn't like it.)

The General idea either way is not to squeeze the Charmin. :)

Pool Tips Below!

  • Don't Death Grip the Cue Stick!
  • Hold it lightly!

    The next thing to Notice is my For Arm. Can you see how it is almost straight up and down? This is Your Stroke arm. (The arm you swing the cue with.) Your stroke arm should start straight up and down. There will be times when your cue ball is stuck on the rail or there is an obstacle in the room. You just have to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. When you start your stroke it should swing back and forth but not left to right. Text books say to hold your cue about 2 inches behind the balance point. You can find the balance point of any cue by holding it on two fingers. When you get it to balance, You have found your balance point. Some cues are weighted heavier in the back. This will make the balance point farther back toward the butt of the pool cue. Just do the 2 finger balance and you will find yours. Holding the cue in this fashion allows your Cue to do the work. You can compare this to swinging a hammer. If you hold it the right way, the hammer does the hardest work.
  • Find your Cues Balance Point!
  • Hold the Pool Cue Lightly around 2 Inches from the Balance point.
  • Start with your arm straight up and down. (Improvise if necessary. I hate Obstacles!)
  • Swing your arm straight Forward and Backward.

    Watch the Video below for an example of finding the balance point and how to hold your pool cue.

  • Pool Tips Below. Important Update on Holding Your Cue

    Follow this Link for an important Update on how to hold your cue.

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