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Pool Billiards Tables?

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Pool Tables, New versus Used.

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Pool Billiards Tables.

Doesn't the picture kind of make you want to play some pool? I love a nice clean table with the balls all racked up. It makes me want to break the rack and run the table.

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Pool Billiards Tables?

The term sounds kind of funny doesn't it? I found through research that many people type those 3 words into the search engines when looking for a billiards table on line.

This page is built with that in mind. It's built for the people who type in those 3 words.

I would consider a pool table to be a somewhat major purchase for many people. Some table run into the thousands of dollars.

If your not that picky about looks and you watch the classified ads however you can usually find descent pool tables for around $1000,00 or less. Sometimes even a few hundred dollars.

When purchasing a table, always keep in mind the condition of the cloth and rails. To replace the cloth and rails on most tables will be a minimum of $500.

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