Deciding Which Pool Game to Play.

This can be a tough choice. Decide on a Pool Game to play, find a Pool Table and Get Busy.

What's Your favorite Billiards Game?

Do you like a fast and loose game?

9 ball, 7 ball, 5 ball or 3 ball are fast and loose.

Are you into patience and strategy?

One pocket may be the game for you.

How about middle of the road?

Play some 8 ball or straight pool.

My personal favorite game is 9 ball. It's fast and exciting and you have to focus on getting to the next ball. Keep that cue ball in line and play some fast paced 9 ball.

My second choice is close one, between 8 ball and 14.1 straight pool. I have to give 8 ball the edge. Straight pool takes longer to play and there are not many organized tournaments or leagues for straight pool.

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In Pueblo Colorado, you do not have a choice on what pool game to play when it comes to the most competitive league in town.

We play 8 ball in the winter and 9 ball in the summer. Most tournaments in Pueblo are 8 ball as well.

I find 8 ball to be the most common for leagues and tournaments and 9 ball for one on one gambling action. This is based only on my observations from playing pool all over Colorado.

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