A Billiards Poster hanging on the wall will let people know that you are proud to be a part of the sport.

Remember the Billiards Poster of the dogs playing pool?

I used to have one called ride the nine. That was cool.

What would a good pool room be without some Billiard Posters hanging around. (pardon the pun)

When checking out posters about billiards, you will find some funny ones, some animated pictures and some totally classy looking images.

If you do a Google search and select images you will find all kinds of cool pics.

Check out the cool Billiards Poster picture below.

Billiards PosterBilliard Poster

I found the pic above when doing a search on Google. The link below will take you to a Pinterest page where other are many other super cool pics involving Pool - Billiards.

Some of my favorite types of posters are the ones with actual Pool Players or Celebrities shooting pool. Have you ever seen the ones with Jackie Gleason or Paul Newman from the Hustler Motion Picture? (Great Movie by the way.)

There used to be another cool poster floating around which pictured the Rat Pack hanging out around the pool table. These images are pretty cool because they are in black and white and look all old school.

I did a search and found a copy of the old Rat Pack Poster with the crew hanging around the billiards table. It's Pictured below.

Billiards Poster Rat PackRat Pack Poster

You can pick that poster up on Amazon for like $6 Bucks. Follow this link if you want one.

You will find many other cool posters on Amazon when you follow the link above. You can also find the pic on eBay. They have a Neon LED version. It's kind of pricey at about $150 but it's cool.

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I hope you enjoyed all of the cool info about Billiard Pictures. Let me know if one fit into your pool room nicely.

It doesn't matter if you own a pool hall or if you have your own private room. Some nice looking art on the wall is a cool thing.

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