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This page is part 6 of a 7 part Pool an Billiards Basic Fundamental Training Course.

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Part 6 of 7 part training. Tangent Line Continued.

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Now that You know the basics it's time for Major Practice.

This lesson will explore the tangent line further. Study the pictures below and practice the Exercises.

Pool_Billiards_Game Tangent Line Training.

With one half of a Cue Tips width Below Center Middle English and a good stroke the cue ball will travel on the tangent line.

The angle pictured above will automatically put Right English on the Cue Ball. This will cause the ball to spin to the right after contact with the rail.

Practice this shot with a hair below center English and stroke the shot soft and then harder and observe the action and location of the Cue Ball.

Apply some right English and observe how the results change. Use a small amount of English and then try some more.

Use some left English and observe the difference. Start with a small amount and then use some more.

This is how You Learn. Practice these shots repeatedly and Learn How to Drive Your Cue Ball.

When you apply side spin to Your Cue Ball it will have a throwing affect on the Object Ball. It works like gears. Right English on the Cue Ball will throw the Object Ball to the left. You will have to learn how to pocket balls with side spin.

Pool_Billiards_Tips English Diagram.

Pool_Billiards_Tips One tip above tangent line training

For this Pool Billiards Tips Drill, use 1 Cue Tips width above Center English.

This will cause the Cue Ball to travel above the Tangent Line on a shorter angle.

Practice different degrees of speed as before and then practice with Right and Left English. (Side Spin)

Practice, Practice, Practice!

I can't Stress enough how much Practice will Improve Your Game.

Playing is good and it will help Your Game.

Disciplined Practice Will turn Your Game into a Force to be Reckoned With.

More pool billiards Tips Below.

Pool_Billiards_Tips One Tip Below tangent line Training.

You guessed it. Now it's One Cue Tip width Below Center. This will Draw (back up) Your Cue ball off the Tangent Line, expanding the angle.

Practice this at various speeds. Be careful. With a good stroke You could Draw the Cue Ball right into the Corner Pocket.

Practice using low English and the use some Right and Left. Observe how the Cue Ball reacts.

Check out the video below for a nice example of the Tangent Line.

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