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Who Makes The Best Pool Cue?

The Big Question is, Who Makes The Best Pool Cue?

I guess the correct answer all depends on who you ask. The answer may vary depending on what part of the world you are from down to your country and city.

How Many Pool Cues Have You Played With?

I have played with Mcdeermott, Meuchi, Schon, Predator, Player, Joss, Viking, Dufferin, Kiekel and Gibson the last two being local pool cue makers here in Southern Colorado.

Right now I am playing with a Joss Butt and the Shaft was made by Gibson. This duo is still new to me but I like the way the cue hits the balls.

Everywhere you go and everyone that you ask will have a different opinion about who makes the best pool cue.

If you have been playing pool for any length of time, you have probably figured out what type of pool cue will be best for you. Most players learn at an early age which weight and size feels right to them.

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Have You Studied the Fundamentals of Billiards?

Every sport has certain fundamentals which must be observed in order for a person to achieve any level of greatness.

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