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"Billiards Planet! You can benefit from 30 years of pool playing knowledge.

You can get first hand information from a lifetime pool player. I have played in the B-C-A National 8 ball tournament in Denver Colorado (late 1980’s) and 14 other BCA 8 ball tournaments in Las Vegas.

We also qualified and played in the APA 8 ball tournament, held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. (Las Vegas)

The experience continues with the Rally in the Valley TAP league Tournament which is held in conjunction with the Super Billiards Expo. in Valley Forge PA. There was also the TAP nationals a couple years back. This was in New Orleans. (The season before Katrina 🙁 )

My son qualified for the Junior nationals a few years back which brought us to a tournament in Ann arbor Michigan.

We play local leagues in Pueblo and I haven’t missed a single session in 20 years. There have been times when we were playing leagues 5 nights or days per week.

Let’s not forget the countless hours spent in the pool hall or on the Home table playing heads up pool for money. You can gain valuable knowledge from all of the above experiences.

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Read Below. Find out what Larry thinks of "Billiards Planet"

Ted….. I enjoyed this issue of your newsletter. From a guy like you who is as busy as you are, you are a credit to this sport.

I have the following to say about your 7 part instructional course…

“Here is a man with an extremely busy schedule who, nevertheless, because of his high interest in billiards, has put together some very informative, constructive and understandable lessons.

For those player who are beginners, and even for those who have been playing for a while, but want to improve, they represent a valuable source of information, and are a great review of some very basic concepts that we all forget.

They are a MUST reading…!!!!”

I am a struggling “3” player in an in-house 8 ball league who is just over the beginner level, but who started playing my 70th decade of life….

Although I am working hard to improve, pool is not as easy as it looks on TV….

I still enjoy then sport, and will continue in my efforts to improve…



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