Billiards Cloth

Billiards cloth, also known as Felt has a lot to do with determining the speed of your table.

Billiards Cloth Found HERE.

Most players like fast cloth on their pool table.

Would you rather have fast cloth or slow cloth?

I will pick the fast cloth every time. It’s easier to slow the ball down with a soft touch with your stroke that to have to power the ball around the table on slow cloth.

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Billiards Cloth can be found on line.


The image above is from a page on Amazon where you will find many choices for felt.

Follow this link and check out Billiards Cloth on Amazon.

My favorite cloth would have to be Simonis 860. Champion also makes some quality cloth. The simonis is fast rolling and the cue ball takes some nice English on Simonis.

The cloth itself is not usually the most expensive part of covering your table. The labor us usually most of the cost.

The big 9 foot tables with 3 piece slate take some effort to cover. This is a timely process and if you don’t know hat you are doing and you want your table to play good, I would recommend getting a professional to cover it.

Bar tables are easier because the slate is one piece and you do not need to worry about the joints being smooth and level. Either table should be covered by someone who knows what they are doing.

Once your table is covered with nice new felt, it is important to keep it clean and free of foreign particles such as dirt and rocks. A good table cover is recommended when the pool table is not in use.

You will have several hundred dollars invested in the new cloth. Beware of rookies shooting pool and digging the tip of a cue into the cloth. A torn cloth sucks especially when the felt is new.

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