Billiards Table

Billiards Table with extremely fast cloth.

Does a Billiards table with fast cloth make a difference in your game?

I have found that a pool table with fast cloth is good for any skill level player. The fast cloth enables you to get the cue ball almost anywhere on the table without having to hit the ball hard.

This can make it tough to play when changing to a slower table.

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My teams in Pueblo all play out of a place called Diamond Jim’s. This bare is located in Pueblo Colorado. This establishment has six of the 7 foot Diamond Smart tables. These tables have simonis 860 cloth and they are lightening fast.

I couple nights back I played on a Valley Cougar 7 foot table and the cloth was less than high grade. The table was slow slow slow and it was hard to estimate the ball speed.

When moving from a fast table to a slow one, it takes some time to get used to the roll. For me it takes several games. You must learn how to stroke the ball smooth and follow through extra far. When hitting the balls harder, your aim needs to be more precise than when hitting the ball soft.

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