Billiard Supplies

Billiard Supplies can be pretty cool to shop for.

Pool and Billiard Supplies

Find Billiards Accessories and Pool Supplies by the Hundreds with a simple on line search.

Pool Supplies and Billiards Accessories are readily available on line and in your local pool hall pro shop or billiards supply store. There is a search box on the top of most sites such as Amazon or eBay where you can search for any product that you can think of Billiards related or not.

When purchasing Online Auctions, you should always check the sellers feed back and if you use Pay Pal, only send money to verified merchants. I have purchased hundreds of items on eBay and have not lost a dime.

Billiards related supplies can range from pool cues and billiard tables to chalk for your cue tip or chalk for your hands. There are billiard balls, tip replacement kits, leather tips, billiards cloth and even billiard clothing.

You will notice many of these items pictured below along with a table brush, cue stick holder, mechanical bridge, (The Rake) triangle rack, and even a nine ball rack. I found this picture doing a Google search for images and it actually came from and eBay listing.

Be sure that when you are buying your pool playing supplies that you check out the brand and do a search online for reviews. I can tell you from experience, not all of the billiards related supplies you find are created equal.

One of the items not pictured above which every pool player needs, is a tool for shaping and scuffing the tip on the end of your pool cue. There are many good products on the market for this. I sometimes prefer a simple piece of fine sand paper however.

I hope this page helps out a little and open your eyes to the idea of shopping around. You will probably find much better deals online than you will in your local billiards supply shop. I guess the trade off is that in the local shop, you get your supplies immediately, you get to check them out and handle them before buying and you could also benefit from the expertise of the shop attendant.


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