Billiard Table Used

My billiard table used for a desk. OUCH!

My Billiard table used for a desk. Yes you read that right. For the last several years my pool table has been used more for a desk and activity table than it has for playing pool.

I will explain this in detail below if you are interested you can scroll down the page and catch the rest of the story.

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Back to my story about my Billiards Table Used for a desk.

With a new baby and a new business to run, the pool table became a convenient place to work on things.

I play pool all the time. Being on three different teams, I am playing 3 times per week. I just don’t play much at home.

My youngest son is 5 and a half and is just getting to the age where we can play some pool. The table is in playing condition now.

Sometimes I feel like the Clampets. (Beverley Hillbillies) They referred to their pool table as the fancy eatin table.

I would spot anyone in the clampet family the 6 through 9 in a race to 7 games. LOL (I don’t know about old Jed)

I told my wife, “You know my Billiard Table Used to be used for playing pool. Before the baby, she was playing 3 nights per week and I was playing 4 or 5.

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