How To Play Billiards

How To Play Billiards? Master the fundamentals of pool with Free Training.

How To Play Billiards? This is a question that many people ask and search for online.

Wouldn’t it make since to Start with the fundamentals and master the game?

Take the guess work out of playing pool and know where that cue ball will be for your next shot.

Find out about the effects of English on the cue ball and object ball.

Can you stop, draw (back up), or follow your cue ball after contacting the object ball?

Shoot these shots like second nature when you know the fundamentals of billiards.

Watch the Video below for an example of How To Play Billiards when you know the fundamentals.

The Fundamentals of Playing Pool is The Best Place To Start!

Are you just getting into pool?

Have you been working on your game?

Are you looking to improve your strategies?

Starting with the basics, (Pool Playing Fundamentals) will put you on the fast track to learning how to play billiards.

Wouldn’t it be great, knowing how to spin the cue ball around the table? More importantly, is knowing when to spin it and when to roll it. Sometimes simply rolling the ball forward, makes the most predictable out.

Check out what the people below have to say about the Free training course.


Ted–Thanks so much for your Billard Basic lessons!

We have a pool table and my wife and I play just about every day, but I’d gone into a “slump” and was really shooting poorly.

Thanks to your basics,I discovered several things I was doing to mess up, such as not following through, etc. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Pastor Rix W. Tillman El Paso, Tx



I’m a little more than a beginning player, but your 7 lessons was an excellent review, and I highly recommend them for any beginning player.

Many players just start by playing games with friends without understanding the fundamentals such the tangent line and how to change the direction of the cue ball down that line, etc.

To me, such concepts are so important to improving one’s game. And I cannot overemphasize the importance of practice, practice, and doing so by not just “throwing” balls on the table.

Take the shots for which give you a hard time, and practice them over and over again.

To me. pool is “three steps forward and one back”. It is not as easy as what one sees on TV, but it is a fun challenge…. LARRY SCHARBACH, Darien CT.

A 3 year player in his 70th decade of life….!!!


Hi Ted,

Thanks for the seven free lessons, as a complete beginner to pool i found the lessons very helpful, especially the basic fundamentals of the game, then i started playing and decided i had to buy a table of my own so i could practice, practice, practice!!! i try to play every day.

I have printed off your lessons and use them for drills for my practice sessions for at least an hour every day. I find i can play the men now and only have one ball on the table at the end of the game, still need practice to beat them though!!!

cheers and keep up the good work, will keep in touch.

julie weir Perth western australia



I really appreciate the course, the personal e-mails, and the help you give to us intermediate or beginning players.

It has been very helpful.

Thanks again,

Allen Salyer Calabash, NC

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You will be running rack after rack with some strategic practice.

Experience playing pool like never before when you master the fundamentals of the game.

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