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Billiards Planet #001 Premier jan-23-2007

Table of Contents:

  • Contenderosis: (Why did he miss that Easy Shot?)
  • Jennifer Barretta in Play Boy magazine
  • B.E.T.T.E.R. What does this mean? Find out in this issue.
  • Tip of the Month

Why did he miss that Easy Shot? Is it Contenderosis?

Story (example)

He is gliding around the table pocketing ball after ball. He cuts in the 5 and rolls around to the center for a nice angle on the 6 ball. The six is in with ease and the white ball rolls nice.

The thought rushes through his head. Wow! Three more and I’m out.

He shoots the 7 in the corner. He Hit it To soft, the cue ball rolls short for the 8. He stands up in frustration. Walks around the table. He Decides on a shot he feels he can make. He takes the shot and it’s a nice one.

The 8 ball is in like it had eyes. The cue ball rolls around the table coming to a halt close to the edge of the top rail. He’s now on the 9 Ball. The dreaded Game Ball. The Money Ball! The Cheese!

The shot is a little longer than he would have liked. It’s fairly straight in. He thinks I’ve got to make this. He gets down on the shot. Takes a few practice strokes. He thinks! I better stop the cue ball here. He strokes it hard a little below center, hits it square and the 9 rattles both tits and stay’s hanging in the corner pocket.

How many times do we see players do this?

How many times has it happened to you?

Is it the mental conversation with ourselves that causes the missed money ball?

Many would say yes. In my 30 years of playing pool, I have seen some pretty good players miss some very easy shots. Yes myself included.

I read an article in the early nineties, from some of the pool magazines, called “Contenderosis”. This is basically a form of self sharking. It’s bad enough when other players shark you, but worse when you shark yourself. Some would define it as Choke. (ie He Choked on that shot or Don’t Choke!)

I play in competitive leagues and have since I was 21. Our team plays in the BCA tournament every year in Las Vegas. I’ve been to the Rally in the Valley with T.A.P. league. This is the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge PA. I’ve played in the A.P.A locally and in the Las Vegas Nationals. Two years back i even played in the T.A.P. nationals in New Orleans.

With all my travels I have yet to find a player that won’t admit to being talked out of or talking themselves out of a shot, or many shots. This I guess is why you find Gambling in pool. Anyone can miss, any shot, any time.

I even have one acquaintance who said that sometimes when He is playing, he will notice someone watching. He said that he would think to himself, “I better make this or this guy will really think I suck”. After this thought comes in his mind He misses.

We have to be extremely careful what we let our mind focus on while playing pool. I found it works best to zone in on the shot and simply play the object ball in with shape on whitey coming from the correct stroke.

we will cover this in more detail in a future article.

Until then, Focus on your shot only. Disregard who is or is not watching. Keep consequences of missing out of you mind. Use The Force Luke.

All rights Res.(c)tedmauro 2007

Jennifer Barretta in Playboy!

I was surfing some Billiards Info on line and I ran across a post about pools great Jennifer Barretta in Play Boy Magazine. No she is not naked. There is a pretty cool article and some diagrammed trick shots. you can follow the link below and check it out. Follow this text link and Read the Article about Jennifer Barretta!


B.E.T.T.E.R. What does this mean?

Once again my surfing caused me to find some cool info.

B.E.T.T.E.R. stands for:

Billiard Excellence Through Training, Education and Recreation.

It is designed to offer high schools with another alternative sport and activity for their students. It is well organized and highly disciplined. You can follow this link to inside pool and read the entire story.


Tip Of the Month!

I believe the tip this month should go along with our featured article.

Be aware of the thoughts going through your mind while you are playing pool. If they are at all negative, or if any doubt is present, don’t shoot.

Stand up, look it over, walk around the table. Get Your mind in the right state before You stroke the cue ball. As we say in Pueblo. “Be Right”!

Focus only on your target (object ball or rail) and your desired result.

Keep your head down (Stay down on the shot), stroke it with confidence and follow through.

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Ted Mauro


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