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Billiards Planet #004 Dec.-16-2007

Table of Contents:

  • Who is Shane Van Boening?
  • What stops the simple run out?
  • Billiard Hub for most any Billiards Product.
  • Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back
  • Tip of the Month

Who is Shane Van Boening?

I started hearing about Shane a couple years back. He is 24 years old and comes from Rapid City, South Dakota.

I met Shane in a Denver tournament back in April of this year 2007. Yes I believe he did win that particular tourney.

Shane is now on the pro tour and he is doing well. I included a link below so you can read more about him. You can also simply type Shane Van Boening into your favorite search engine.

More info on Shane Van Boening


What stops the easy run out?

How many times do we see it happen?

How many times does it happen to us?

You are on a run out pattern. You are pocketing balls one by one. Your cue ball gets a little out of line. You have to make a tougher shot than you should. You make the shot and roll out of line even a little more. It’s like you are digging a hole.

How about when you are down to the last ball before the money, You shoot it in and somehow juice the cue ball and put yourself right behind your opponent’s ball.

How about when you are completely out, get straight in on the game ball and rattle it leaving it hanging right in the pocket or as my friend Buddy Mac says leave it in the lips.

The above examples happen to all players. The more advanced players get out more often than not, but it still happens to everyone from time to time.

I believe this is due to mental error.

When you let the wrong thoughts go through your head prior to taking the shot or when you simply let your concentration lapse.

I have found that the best way to eliminate this phenomenon is to practice mucho and have your confidence at a high level. Take no shot lightly and focus only on what you want to happen until you win the game.

Billiards Ezine presents Billiards Hub.

Billiards Planet is proud to present you with the Billiards Hub.

This is a page which I made to be a portal to about any Pool – Billiards product that you may be looking for.

The page has descriptions and links to individual pages with targeted live auctions on pool and billiards products.

These products are changing constantly and you can find some Great deals by keeping an eye on them.

The link is below.
Follow this link to the Billiards Hub

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Billiards Planet Subscriber Feed Back

MIKE A ESQUIBEL wrote last month:

Ted, Thank you so much for the email billiards tips. I have been playing for a long time but find these tips great for any level of player. I do have a question for you, however. I am not getting good results when I apply English for draw or side action shoots. I think it’s because my table cloth is very smooth on the surface. When I bought I was told it is a Simmonis fast cloth. They even told me to install it reverse side out for better playing results. Well, I think this was a mistake because my English sucks now. What do you think about this, Ted? If it’s the cloth what do you suggest? I play 8 Ball on a 7’x3.5′ Olhausen table. One million thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me…Mike

My reply to Mike:

Hello Mike, Simmonis 860 is my cloth of choice. It is fast and it takes English great. The cloth needs to be on the correct side. My partner who covers my tables said there is only one playing surface on Simmonis. If it’s the cloth, turn it over or replace it. It’s hard for me to say that it’s the cloth for sure. Have you tried your draw and English on another table? Perhaps a pool hall? Are you delivering your stroke with a quick straight through motion? Are you keeping your head down on the shot? You could have someone from the pool room with a great draw stroke hit a few on your table as well. Please let me know how this works out. I would love to have a PIC and testimonial with your name and location for the website as well. I will be working on some videos in the near future. I will be covering draw and side spin. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks, Ted

Mike Replied with the following testimonial:

After not playing pool for a long time, about twenty years, I bought a pool table for my home after retirement. A couple of my buddies come and shoot 8 ball once in awhile. At first I was very rusty at it but I could still shoot a little straight. During Ted Mauro’s Pool – Billiards 7 step Installment Instructions, I began to shoot better than I ever had. Not only did this program help me shoot better pool but it helped me rid of some bad shooting habits and to focus more on my game. Thanks Ted, my draw, left and right English, and my overall game has improved. The seventh Installment has been the most useful instruction for me. I am still practicing and enjoying this part. I can now clean out six balls off the table most of the time. I know it will take awhile before I start with the seventh ball, but it is like Ted says, “Practice, Practice, Practice”. Thanks a million Ted.

Please send in your questions, comments and stories. I would love to publish them in next months news.

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Tip Of the Month!

The tip for this month is a little trick which I have been using for 20 years. This was explained to me by a player right here in Pueblo. We all call him Fast Eddie.

No not Fast Eddie from the movie character and this player moved extremely slow.

The trick that he taught me however was to count my practice strokes and always shoot on the same count.

When I am aiming at a shot, I count the times that I move my cue back and forth before striking the cue ball. I always shoot on 5.

Don’t get me wrong, if I am down on a shot and going through my routine and on the count of 3 it doesn’t feel right, I will stand up, review shot in my mind and start over. When everything feels right I then proceed to stroke through the ball on the count of 5.

I find this to be of great help for getting a smooth routine going which is duplicated on every shot.

Editors Note

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Ted Mauro


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