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Follow the link below and read some great info about pool – Billiards tables. You will find many tables for sale on live auctions. If you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you will even find a chart explaining how large a room must be compared to the size of Pool – Billiards Table.

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Which is better, A New or A Used Pool Table?


Well I guess if money is not an issue, I would have to say that New is always better than used. After all, Who wants to use or own hand me downs?

If price is an issue however, used could definitely be a workable option. The nice thing about pool tables is that they can get very old but if they are taken care of they will look and play great forever.

You can replace most every part on them as needed. The felt obviously will not last forever, and with heavy play will need replaced every couple of years. The rubber on the rails will last quite a long time if not exposed to weather and moisture.

Eventually most tables will need to have the rubber on the rails replaced. Other than the rubber and the cloth, A pool table that is well taken care of should pretty much last forever.

Whenever I am looking to purchase a used table, be it for myself or someone else, the rubber is the main thing that I check. Don’t get me wrong, make sure the slate is in one piece and in tact as well.


The picture above is a Valley 3 and on half foot by 7 foot pool table. I purchased this table used for $650.00 around 20 years ago. It currently needs a new felt. Once recovered it will play as well as it did when I bought it.

I always use a cloth (felt) that plays real fast. (Simonis). The pockets are shimmed and have a smaller opening than any table in town that I know of. This means that if you can run multiple racks on my table, tables with normal size pockets will be child’s play.

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How much will you have to pay for Your Pool Table?

Pool – Billiards tables will vary in price. You will find tables used sometimes in the news paper for as little as a few hundred bucks.

You have to be extremely patient if you want to find a good table for a low price. Used tables in our area can run as high as a few thousand dollars for a nice diamond or Brunswick.

I helped my brothers in-laws find a table recently. We watched the paper for almost 3 months and finally found a great deal. We put a Valley Cougar Bar box in their house last week with a close to new cloth on it for $650.00.

This is a great price. The going rate around here for a used valley cougar is around $1500.00.

You can find off brand new Billiard tables starting for around $600.00. If you get in to the new name brand tables however, you can plan on spending 3 to 5 thousand dollars and up to 5 figures for the real fancy ones.

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