Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lights Here.

Pool Table Lights will Brighten up Your Table and Your Game. Find unique and classy fixtures now.

Are you looking for the classy or elegant style or is the bar room look more to your liking?

Find Billiards Lights in all shapes and sizes with a simple internet search.

You can find these lights on eBay, Amazon or many other sites which sell billiards supplies. You could even get a 4 foot or 8 foot light fixture from Lowes or Home Depot which will work quite nicely.

All Pool Table Lights are Not Created Equal!

The light above my pool table was made by a friend of mine. (He also makes a pretty sporty pool cue). The light he made for me is a 4 foot fixture from the hardware store and then he put wooden frames around it. He then carved some cool sayings into the wood. You can check it out with the picture below.

Pretty cool looking light. Don’t you think?

The other side say’s 2 Hot for You. All of my friends think this is a super cool light. It is for sure one of a kind.

If you do a search on Craigslist, I’m sure you can find a handy man who can make something custom for you as well.

You will find quite a few variations of pool table lights with the liquor distributors. Budweiser and Miller are well known for providing lights to the local tavern. Many times you can buy these from the bar owners.

Be sure to use nice bright and clear bulbs when setting up your light. You also want to use the right size of light based on the size of your pool table.

Be sure to Center the light over the table. If you fail to do this, the secret light aiming system that I will teach you someday won’t work.


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